We all know that there are some pretty crazy Star Wars fans out there and there also are some pretty talented people with their Lego sets. Well combine the two and what do you get? You get a 60,000 piece Lego setup of Hoth from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

The creator, Mark Borlase, must have spent a parsec or two designing and building this masterpiece. Not content with just Lego though, Mark added 50 LED lights, motorized AT-ATs and hanger door and even little tiny footprints. The Hoth set has gone on to win the Star Wars Building Contest and was featured in LEGO Magazine.

In total, this massive creation cost $3,000 and took 4 years to finish! In the end who wouldn't want this thing dominating their living room. The Lego force is definetly strong with this one!


Star Wars Hoth Lego Diorama 1

Look at the size of this thing! It measures a 5' wide by 10' long and must weight quite a bit. You can see here that its been built onto a giant sheet of press board, which I'm sure makes it MUCH easier to transport around.

Star Wars Hoth Lego Diorama 2

A shot of the interior of the hanger with the one and only Millenium Falcon front and center, the infamous "Two fighters against a Star Destroyer" (shudder) scene going on to the right and some X-Wings getting preped on the left.

Star Wars Hoth Lego Diorama 3

Luke getting all patched up in the Bacta Tank after his run in with the Wampa. Good thing Leia is there to watch over him.

Star Wars Hoth Lego Diorama 4

A close up of one of the X-Wings getting preped for battle. You can see blue LEDs that light the hanger here too.

Star Wars Hoth Lego Diorama 5
A shot of the hanger from the outside with a snow speeder rushing to do battle with the incoming Imperial Army.

All I can say is impressive, most impressive, and can you build me one of the Death Star II Battle?

via: Flickr