Looking for a Star Wars The Old Republic walkthrough guide? SWTOR is the new massively multiplayer or MMO game from Bioware set in the ancient Star Wars universe long before the rise of Darth Vader. The game covers multiple worlds and you can be a Jedi knight, a Sith and many other different characters. As you play the game you might feel overwhelmed with the amount of content in the game especially if you haven’t played a MMO before. This game can take up a great deal of time and sometimes you just need a walkthrough guide to orient yourself and learn how to play properly.

You’ll find many different guides online such as the SWTOR Savoir Guide which can help you learn all about the game and provide you with easy ways to level up your character and get ahead in the game in less time than it would normally take a person who doesn’t have a comprehensive guide to the game. With this guide you can interact with hundreds of other members who own the guide and find out everything about this great MMO game.

What to Look For in a SWTOR Walkthrough Guide

Star Wars The Old RepublicCredit: swtorsaviour

When you play a MMO game such as SWTOR you need to figure out what class or game character you want to play as. Many players will go through several characters as they play just to see which one works the best for them. With a guide you can see the strengths and weaknesses of each class, the weapons, armor, and overall effectiveness of that class in combat. With a good guide this makes it easy to decide if you want to use that class because it takes plenty of time to level that character on a game server until its decent enough to complete in player versus player on PvP combat. You can of course just fight the NPCs in the game but multiplayer combat is what these games are all about and that in the major fun factor. This is important for PvP purposes or if you want to join a clan or alliance in the game.

Guides Help With Power Leveling Your Character Fast

With a good guide you’ll learn how to level up faster which is called “grinding” by most people. This can be a very tedious process and a good guide can make this easier on you and save you time. You need to learn how to maximize the amount of credits you receive so you can buy all the gear and equipment for your character. A guide will show you how to craft properly in less time and get all the best equipment you can. The main point is that a guide saves you time in the long run because everything is laid out for you and easily accessible. You don’t have to go from website to website trying to find some tidbit of information; it’s all there in one package.

A guide also provides you with access to all the character skills and how to combine them into your character. On your own this can be largely trial and error and you end up getting frustrated with the end result which wastes more of your time. With jobs, school, and other responsibilities this takes away from time when you could be doing other things. A guide lets you play and enjoy the game when you have those free moments available in your life to enjoy some entertainment such as SWTOR.

These are some things to keep in mind when looking for a good SWTOR guide. Your time is valuable and a guide can save you that time and help you not only enjoy a MMO like this one but get better at it while limiting your frustration with the game.