In just a few days that stagecraft 2 has been out and I was so little prepared for the excitement that there is. I had to be introduced to things known as different mineral line to building ratio or was unsure the new stuff and locales. It was rather quick install really considering how big it looked at the beginning and then there was the patch downloads. Started off with a campaign since I wasn't too eager to ring up a string of defeats on multiplayer battlenet.

The first mission was a rather quick one, clocking it at under 3 minutes or so. It made me realize that I would really need a high dpi mouse on my screen though, so I had to swap it out. Time for a razer mouse to come into the play! Now I just need to buy a good starcraft 2 keyboard...

Second mission took slightly longer, figured out the speed setting and set it to faster mode. Mission took 10 minutes and up which was pretty decent for a second mission. Lots of achievements and stats popping up here and there randomly.

The third mission ended really nicely after 20 minutes, with the good old battlecruiser sweeping in to save Jim's asses. Was really smooth as it resembled the other time on Mar Sara back in the first game and everyone had to hunker down in their bunkers for 15 minutes to wait out the unceasing zerg assault on your terran marine's bunkers.

They must have really spent a lot of money making the Fox News parodies. They had a really nice television system there which flashed all the usual things that you would see on your TV every day. On board the battlecruiser more new features pop up like the ability to upgrade new units as well as some old units that you won't see on the multiplayer.

At this point the path forks into two allowing to choose which planet to go to. It took me 25 minutes for the next one in which I proceed to rescue some colonists. It was really well down and didn't feel contrived at all. This is how escort missions should be done and other game makers that involve escort missions should really take note on the design of this one. A really nice touch is a sign that says "don't shoot at screen".

And it just took 15 minutes for my fifth mission, the smash and grab. It would have been quicker if I had just spammed marauders. It worked really well against the protoss defense. Would have worked quicker if I was more nimble.

Doing either of those missions open up a few more, allowing for a less obviously linear progress! And there is a bit of zombie elements inside the infested refugees. I guess someone has been playing the Warcraft custom maps! They burrow into the ground during the day and then become aggressive once the sun sets and it becomes the night.

I found that mission really tough and time consuming as you have to wrap your mind immediately from the get go around the new mechanic. It took me a whole hour and it took me 6 days (you get an achievement in 5 days) on my first try. I dread to consider how long it would take in the hardest difficulty mode but I realized I should have went with two groups of firebat forces during daytime combing different ends of the screen.

Ah, next up for me was the great train robbery at a timed 25 minutes. It was a really fun mission where you have to snipe away at 8 Trains at different times that are released along with certain interesting and surprising gimmicks along the way.

The Devil's playground was another really gimmicky place like the zombie stage. Thankfully it was a quick gather 8000 materials mission instead of the long drawn out zombie fest that was the earlier one. It went smoothly and got finished in just 29 minutes which is just one under hall an hour and it was pretty smooth although I did lose some SCVs here and there due to errors when the lava rose. And that wraps up mission 8 for me. That should put me almost at one third 1/3 my way through the campaign once I finish my next mission.

It seems really open so far giving me the widest selection of missions. The one that gives me siege tanks technology looks tempting but I settled for the Cutthroat mission which provides the nostalgia vultures.

That clocked in at 27 minutes. The mission started with something that looks like a resource rush similar to the lava mission, except it seemed to be easier at 6000. Seem being the more important word here.

And my tenth mission ended with a wonderful use of laser that reminded me of Age of Empires 3, but it was really good to have the siege tanks back in business. It was basically a gargantuan laser drill you have to wall off, and your siege can't hit air. And that was a quick 35 minutes before I had an interesting cutscene that made me slightly worry about whether any of the missions I had left undone would remain undone. Shall go check it. Ah, thankfully they are still all there. It is basically a separate mission arena! Also it says 26 missions total so its 10/26 now, its just a few more missions to the halfway mark.

Just finished Welcome to the Jungle there where I had to complete 7 lifts of some terrazine gas that had protoss jumping at my legs. Took me 16 minute which was pretty decent I guess, missed out on the last relic as the final scv of mine returned.

Zeratul's mission was really interesting, and I shall not talk too much about it so as not to spoil the experience. I had a series of bad blinks at the end though and barely escaped with 11 hp. Certainly nerve racking! The whole scenario took me 21 minutes and 20 seconds which was surprising and was a bit disappointing since I couldn't get the last two hatcheries for the Zerg research points. It was a really good hero mission though! I think this should count as halfway through the game! Then again research points that can be farmed exceeds that which can be used. The rest simply gets converted into credits for you to fund research.