In Starcraft 2, I just realized you can access the secret mission very early on, not really that early on but just early enough that you may miss it if you don't go online and search and you would have to restart the campaign from square zero all over again. Look for the infiltrate and capture Odin mission taking place. Just take it and destroy the Science Vessel like building. This will unlock the secret missions. I'm now on the second half of the game of Starcraft 2.

The mission before was woah though at about 25 minutes I went in to "escort" an Odin who really didn't need any form of rescuing at all. I basically stuck an scv on top of him the Odin and followed with a group of mixed ground forces and a slowly but surely increasing group of half cloaked wraiths since I was puzzled at the lack of missile turrets. At least until a certain point which I will stop from saying anymore so as not to spoil the ending part of that mission. At some place somewhere you can apparently fight a Loki with a mix of air and airdrops but I didn't bother with that. And I just noticed the WoW blood elf female in the cantina of hyperion!

Wow media blitz took me 40 minutes, guess I wasn't aggressive enough. It has a very nice "secret found" though. Basically there is an option to unlock the secret mission in that level, which may force a lot of people to restart their campaign should they have missed out on the secret which is really simple in that you have to destroy the science facility. Simply take Tychus in the Odin and bring him somewhere to the bottom right of the map and look for a building that looks like a science vessel. Destroy it. Presto! A secret document should drop out for you to pick up. There are starcraft 2 youtube channels out there that shows a step by step video guide to obtaining it. This is one thing you should try to get on your first playthrough.

The unlock mission is called piercing the shroud and Wow piercing the shroud was really interesting. Without spoiling it let us just say that it was worth the time one would take to complete it. It sure involves a lot of running. The idea gets revisited again later if you have done the protoss mission so you might choose to do the final protoss mission before this.

Ah I did the choice mission on Haven. I picked Hanson over Selendris, which I have been informed is the more unorthodox choice. Apparently Selendris appears in most of the novels and is the favored female lead to side with in this mission. That said from an ethical point of view I would still favor Hanson since it results in a better conclusion to the mission. Either way, at the end of it if you chose to play it now you won't have Dr Hanson on the Hyperion any further. Selendris won't get killed if you chose Dr Hanson, so you'll be seeing her in the future either way. Selendris also makes an appearance later. For Hanson's mission you can choose to cheese Viking-Goliath, but playing straight up is more challenging. Selendris isn't without its cheese too. One practical bonus of choosing Selendris is that you get protoss research sooner, but you could always do the Zeratul missions right now! Research is also capped at 25 points so there isn't much point either to accelerate. I think Dr Hanson is in the end the better choice over Selendris, at least on your first play through. (The missions are similar in difficulty)

Sinister turn was intriguing, especially after playing the secret mission. This protoss one took me 21 minutes though. This basically introduces you to the Protoss base building. Immortal technology is really fun, though I miss the old dragoon. Basically the Immortal has a shielding or shield that cuts all damage above 10 down to 10 damage per hit. Well, it wasn't very spectacular in this particular mission, but immortals are great against colossus and the like in multiplayer! Hard hitting slow attacking high tier units are usually countered by an immortal leading the fray. *cough* ultralisk.

And there I go continuing with the protoss missions and wow, echoes of the future was really interesting in terms of plot development. Shall not spoil it but the mission gives you control of Zeratul landing on Aiur to unlock the overlord's dying moments.

in utter darkness a glorious end! 41 minutes. There's a lot of achievements to be had here. This is the fabled kill 2000 zerg mission, or 1500 if you are playing on normal. Sometimes referred to as the protoss campaign kill 1500 mission. It was really fun as a mission and my guess is that this scenario will be again revisited in some way when the third and final expansion for starcraft 2 comes out which will focus on the protoss campaign and zeratul in the Legacy of the Void. Likely it will focus on Zeratul gathering up and leading the splintered and divided protoss factions throughout the universe and merging them into one unified force to fight the dark voice. It was a fitting Glorious End indeed.

Ghost of a Chance at 25 minutes and 8 specters killed. This is another choice mission! Here you must make another choice between two people, one of whom is on the Hyperion. You can either choose the ghost Nova who has also been rather prominent in novels as well as comics and a lot of other stuff since she was the star of stagecraft ghost but then again she is working for Arcturus Mengsk. While I sided with Nova this round just to see how it was like, the proper path is probably to side with the slightly off whack Tosh. If you still have Dr Hanson at the end of the mission she will tell you that Nova was lying. If you pick nova you will find her in a secret spot on Hyperion, but you won't be able to interact with her, whereas Tosh will stay with you all the way. By unit strength specters are more overpowered. Spectres are also more useful than ghosts in the final mission. Pretty as Nova is, Tosh should be the better choice on your first play through. Either way you can play both missions after you finish, just that whether you get a non interactive nova who is cloaked or a Tosh who would talk to you.

Finally hit the moebius mission, clearing everything up till the start of the end! At this point I have wiped up all the optional missions, and its time to start the snowball to the final mission segment!

22 minutes 50 seconds for the mission after that.

Maw of the void took 55 minutes to complete, being painstakingly long that in the end I depleted my minerals.

The first final mission short as it may be took 27 minutes!

Gah 43 minutes on shatter the sky but then again it was the second last mission.

Wow and there I have it ending the final mission and the game has certainly been a blast. Entirely worth the wait and maybe even the price!