Husky just released a new 25 minute epic video on a match between LiquidHuk v Nex (and a not so good choice of name at the end) ranked 27 on the Korean servers according to husky. It is a match between two great players. Husky is doing a commentary on a match from the team liquid replay pack and it looks to be an epic matchup between two highly ranked opponents, in a P v T. Huk as the protoss of course and Nex as the terran. You will need speakers on a higher volume to listen to this youtube replay though, at least until the audio is fixed.

Nex went for a pretty quick expansion and with good scouting on both sides Huk went for his own early expansion too, but lost the scouting probe before being able to gain valuable info on the main. Huk has a pylon out there with vision over the debris or destructible rocks on one of the side paths and both players are quickly ramping up their economy in preparation for the inevitable battle.

There's also a tip by Husky for all the 1 v 1 players out there; if you're going for an early expansion the key to it is to scout and make sure that the other player isn't going for an all in attack. In this particular map the attack path would take quite a long time with a protective debris at the natural so it makes it easier to do a secured fast expansion, but the third expansion is practically difficult to obtain without a strong presence over the opponent.

Huk goes with mass stalkers with templar on the way and nex is going a more standard MMM, marine medivac marauder and goes moving out while huk pulls his unit back to deal with the MMM advance. But a colossus is out for huk so he should be safe even if the MMM leads to drop all around his base and Nex has been taking his factory out to spot. The factory is a pretty good scouting unit for terrans if you're not going siege or thors. It is flying and has a heck lot of hp and if you're going M3 you won't need the factory at all.

Huk was slaughtered in his advance but managed to push all the way to Nex base but the vikings are out to counter the colossus. Vikings are one of the best way terrans have to counter the colossus. The marauders would lock down the ground and the vikings would take down the colossus without getting winged by the stalkers. Vikings can also force a colossus out of position, saving the marauders a few seconds for the medvac to get energy to heal up a few ground up in your face units.

It looks like huk would go easy on the colossus due to the Viking presence, but is about 50 supply behind at this point. Husky's commentary are always energetic and makes you want to play another game of starcraft 2. Nex is attempting to move in and try to snipe away the colossus. A good forcefields goes off and isolates marauders to be massacred. Both armies are pretty softened and Huk as Husky puts it 'does somehow hold' the line. Ghosts are out now for Nex who also just obtained his third.

There is powerful micro from both sides but Nex looks like he will need more vikings. The ghosts got taken out too fast for an emp which is a bit of a pity. It looks like Nex may not be able to keep up his advantage but a nuke is on its way.

Archons look pretty good against the marauders since they are bio. After another fierce battle Huk attempts to get his third. Archons still remain highly vulnerable to ghost emps. With three base Nex has been maintaining his supply ball. But here the feedback was used by templars on the ghosts to prevent emp which is a pretty good move it seems. And there is a successful snipe by the vikings on the colossus. It looks like Nex is slowly losing his original advantage. As husky says, huk's micro is just the main thing barely keeping him still in the game.

It looks like the M3 in this end game should be bolstered with siege tanks to secure the map control. It is a really intense game. Helpful fact from husky that Archons take about 4 EMPs to be taken out. One ballsy marine!

And its another epic battle with storms going down and it looks like everything is down beside the archons who are slowed by the concussive shells. Nex is slowly reclaiming his advantage with Ghosts filling up his MMM. It looks like the micro is slipping a bit as huk was unable to take out all of the ghosts but the colossus was placed in an excellent spot. It probably had just 1 hp left.

Huk loses his third to a weakened MMM ball. But there is one colossus popping out to cut losses. Nex is slowly intending to push his advantage going for another expansion and it looks really bad for huk, who really does have a diminished protoss force and the husky is favoring the terran at this point and huk has lost a lot more minerals than the terran who has lost 31525 resources. It is now 91 supply of huk to 153 of the terran. Chargelots go for the marauders but good storms help. The army is so weakened but just survives the final storm, everyone is red with a fraction of hp. Huk finally ggs out of the game which is 33 minutes in real time according to the clock there.

It's a really good game and I guess the comments will have a lot more Terrans are OP complaints. Some funny comments there though which I guess will get thumbs up-ed. Starcraft 2 presents a really exciting spectator e-sport.