Starcraft 2 maps guides are essential companions to playing the Starcraft 2 game regardless of whether you're a newbie or have been playing since the original inception of the game. You end up with three basic choices when it comes to your maps. There are the basic maps for scenarios, maps for campaigns, and the normal structure of multiplayer maps. Despite the fact that usually beginner players of similar games are most suited for the scenario maps, in Starcraft 2 the beginner will get the most out of the multiplayer maps. This works well for those who like to introduce their friends to the world of Starcraft gaming.

The maps are essentially created to support your efforts when it comes to the various play modes. They also help you see the success you can achieve during game play. The single player versus single player version of the map is relatively small considering that this is often one of the first games played. The map is so small, in fact, that each player has only one of two starting options. This does allow visual location of the opponent immediately but it also limits imaginative skill. For this game rushing is often used because the map size inhibits large structurally crafted games. Opponents do not have far to travel to find on another and the time it takes to reach the other's territory is cut down to size. This eliminates the need for scouting.

Developing new strategies will be essential for the larger maps. Rushing doesn't work well on the larger maps because the risk of loss is much too high. This leaves the remaining strategies, including air rushing, which can be done with careful consideration. Once you leave the comfort of single player versus single player play it is easy to see that the maps change quite a bit in size. Therefore, many players opt to use the melee map and keep a map guide right next to them when learning the ins and outs of the game. Playing alone against the computer's opponents can be one of the fastest ways to learn the game when the guide you're using is relevant to the game.

Since the rules of the game stay pretty much the same when it comes to various modes of play, the map size can easily be interfaced into single player mode to help hone your skills. You can use your newly honed skills in the Free-for-All mode or you can slowly introduce yourself to more competitive modes of play. While you're learning exactly how to use the maps to your best advantage it is still best to play against the computer. Moving into real life opponents will be done soon. Taking the time now to learn appropriately is essential to the overall game structure.

As you develop your strategies and learn more about the game, you're going to want to find more information about using the maps to your best and biggest advantage. Once you look online, find a map guide that is well reviewed by real players, you can then move into the realm of playing more competitive games. There is no single right place to turn to for advice, tips, and guidance. Just find the site that seems to give you the best explanation possible and get the best starcraft guides.