For all of you who happen to be at work or at a place where youtube is banned or the internet is too slow for youtube to load in its glory, I've written synopsis of epic matches found on the channels so you have something to quench SC2 thirst. Since I always end up typing lots of synopsis to annoy my starcraft playing friends who would rather be playing starcraft than see their msn chat being spammed with a word by word run down on a commentary, I'm placing it here!

The First Round (Best of 3)

The red protoss Tester fights the blue zerg OGS the Wind in the third place match for the G star All Star Tournament. The wind opens up with an early spawning pool at 13 drones, and HD starcraft thinks the wind is either prepping for an early aggression or intending to go for an early aggression strategy himself but we see Tester throwing up a forge which signals photon canons on the way. Their scouting drones and probes duke it out at the zerg natural. Wind's hatch is delayed for a while. Tester didn't go with the pylon ramp block technique. Photon canons are out at Tester's with a fast expand without any gateway. It looks like tester is matching as HD starcraft puts it an 'eco style game'. As he puts it a zerg has to be one base up, and a two base zerg will likely lose to a two base protoss. Tester is keeping his map awareness up and sends another probe scouting to check for extra hatcheries. Nydus canal is being built up by wind. All the minerals are going to be used by wind to all in zerglings into the nydus. The wind wanted to create a droning up impression but ended up moving dozens of zerglings into his base, stopping tester's double stargate strategy. The wind takes the first game and the zergs overwhelm the protoss forces.

The Second Round

Nydus caught tester off guard by the surprise nydus canal the last round and tester is probably more determined not to get faked by the wind this round. The forge into stargate did not work very well in the first round but on metalopolis tester will probably try a different strat HD attributes this to the large wall of area required that would reduce the effectiveness of the strategy. Tester's did a nice probe dance to prevent the hatch til 3 min 30 seconds mark. A zergling is out and placed onto the probe though and the hatchery has been successfully delayed. Quoting ti of the match: Right clicking a mineral patch gives workers no clip. Tester has gone for a typical 4 gate but is not scouted by wind. A 4 gate on a delayed hatch can be deadly. A proxy pylon has been made by the probe and is not spotted. A second proxy is made nearer to the hatchery expansion. It looks like a win now if tester can keep his pressure on. 6 stalkers and 5 zealots have creamed the zerg swarm, taking revenge for the first game's defeat. The drones are pulled off to attack the protoss. OGS the wind finally calls good game and we move into the third round. I wonder what starcraft 2 keyboard and mouse tester uses!

The Third round

This match is on the map of jungle basin, for those who need a refresher it is the one with an easy second expansion with destructible debris and a next to impossible third expansion. It is currently at 1:1 for the protoss and zerg. Both of the earlier games also took only 6 minutes in before the mass strats overwhelmed the other party. The wind went for a standard opening and tester couldn't do his probe dance to block the hatch again, and tester went for early expand forge again but at a different timing. HD posits that it is likely that wind will go for a fake followed by an all in again. Lings getting speed with a lair, a nydus may be possible. Tester goes with stargate and this looks to be a repeat of the first match again. Nydus network is out and the overlord is moving into position. Tester is building pylons to keep sight of nydus. Stalker is out to harass overlords. The wind needs vision from the overlords and stalkers are around to block. Canal is out by the nexus. Everything is going to attack the nydus worm and it is taken down by the probes. Second nydus is cancelled. Tester totally doesn't want any more unwanted Starcraft 2 Presents of nydus canals from ogs the wind! A changeling zealot created it from an overseer! First void ray is out and wind is in a bad spot. Overseer is taken out by void ray. Changeling of zerg is finally killed. Void ray is in zerg base now and the wind is doomed due to the lack of an anti air. He is forced into an all in bust of the front door against high hp buildings. Queens take one void ray but another survives but the phoenixes finishes the job. A banelings nest is up for baneling bust even as phoenixes goes after the overlords. Zerglings goes into baneling morph mode for the classic baneling bust. Tester is moving into more lots and sentries. Only 6 zerglings could get into his main. Good sentry forcefields keep the bust away. Void ray successfully finishes off the natural. Zerg goes for the last attempt but proxy pylons at debris allows warping in of stalkers. Tester successfully pulls off his gate way and wins the third place!

When you do get back internet access, do go and watch the original video at HD Starcraft! The 3 match games starts off from this link

If you have not subscribed to HD starcraft you should go create a youtube account and subscribe to him too for more exciting starcraft tournament commentaries! Another good channel to subscribe to is also Husky SC.