As human beings, we are extremely aware how the way we look. We have the desire to look pretty so that other people will think we are beautiful. When we look better, we feel better right away. We are willing to spend vast amounts of time, energy and money to improve our cosmetic appearance. Just look at the market for weight loss pills, anti wrinkle creams, teeth whitening and other stuff like that. We don't like to be fat, we don't like to be wrinkly, and we don't want yellow teeth. But the one thing that gets to us the most, has got to be hair loss. It's the absolute worst, beyond the shadow of any doubt!

The age group that suffers the most from hair loss, is probably the group of young men. And by young, I mean late teens or begin twenties. These young adults are still very attached to their looks. Losing their hair can often lead to depressions, feelings on agression and other emotional states of mind that we would rather not fall prey to. The problem with hair loss seems to be that it makes us feel powerless. But the truth is that we are not completely powerless against it. Today, you can get on finasteride to slow down the hair loss process. This is to many people very valuable. But to actually reverse hair loss, that will require a hair transplant.

Stars Who Have Had Hair Transplants

Hair restoration surgery is something you shouldn't just dive into. It's quite a decision you're making here. You should only do it if you feel really, really bad about your hair loss and you can't imagine ever getting your life on track unless you have the treatment performed on you. This is an invasive surgery that also costs you dearly. Be sure to find out what results to expect by checking out a few celebrities hair transplants on the web. By simply having a good look at some of their before and after pictures, you can get a good idea of the results that are produced by hair transplants.

If you really take your time to look carefully, you will no doubt discover that famous people with hair transplants have very different results. Some have a lot of coverage, others not so much. Some have high density, others not so much. The results you will get from a hair transplants, are largely dependant on the quality of your own donor hair, which will be excised from the back of your own head. If these hairs are thick and they look healthy, then there is no doubt that you are a good candidate for hair restoration. If your donor hair is thin, it will not give you the same kind of coverage as it would've if you had had thick hair. Keep in mind that any decent hair clinic consultant will tell you honesty that you are not a good candidate if your donor hair is thin!