So with the jobs being low and you can't seem to make ends meet a thought has come to my mind today about a low cost job you could start from home. A resume business which would be on the low cost to start would be a great way to earn some extra income on the side while you are looking for stable work.

First what I would do is loan out some books from a local library and learn everything you can about writing a resume. I say there is no cost in doing this and this could also improve your chances of landing a job if you currently do not have a resume.

After you learn everything you can about what a resume is and what it needs create a few from your own job experiance and create different styles so you can show clients what you are able to do when it comes to making a resume.

Make the cost low so you have more people coming to you to create a resume but do not do any less when it comes to quailty. Most people want someone that can create their resume rather quick so make sure you know what you are doing and give them a time frame as well as a price before you start the job that way there are no surprises for them or you.

If the customer likes what you did ask them if you can use them as a refrence. You could do this by sharing their email to potienal new customers or ask them if you can share their phone number so if someone has any questions about your work you can share the number with them.

Last thing would be where are you gonna share that you write resumes for money? Well a few places that pop in my mind would be craigslist which is free and you would be surprise how many people look on craigslist for help in many areas. Next would be your local newspaper most job hunters are already looking in the newspaper so if they see your ad and need their resume done or made better they will keep you in mind for the job.

This could become a nice little side income for you and this would have a low start up cost as well when running a buisness from home. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.