A Cookie Exchange is Fun and Helps You Save Money!

Start An Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange

Start Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange

Fresh, home baked cookies are a traditional part of the holiday for many people. It's great tasty fun to share a beautiful variety of different shapes, colors and types of cookies for your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers for all types of gatherings during the holidays.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have a vast array of colors, shapes and sizes of holiday cookies without doing all the baking for 12 or more different types of cookies? Think of all the different types of ingredients you typically purchase to make the variety of cookies you usually bake. You can save loads of time and money by sharing this work with others that would enjoy, appreciate and benefit from a cookie exchange.

A cookie exchange is also a great way to get a batch of your Mom's famous ladylock cookies, your friend's best nutroll cookie or neighbor's delicious biscotti. Many people usually bake one or two recipes perfectly while not having a clue as to how to make another.

How a Cookie Exchange Works

A cookie exchange is the answer to the problem of having to bake all those different styles, shapes and types of cookies by yourself! With a cookie exchange, you only bake one recipe for all the participating cookie exchangers and in return, you receive one type of cookie from each. *Usually, each cookie exchange participant bakes one dozen of their chosen type of cookie per participating member. If you have 12 participating in the cookie exchange, you'll bake 12 dozen of one type of cookies and in return will receive 12 dozen of a variety of cookies!

Start annual holiday cookie exchange with family, friends, neighbors and you can all benefit from each others' efforts in baking and have a fun party at the same time.

Read on to learn how to start your own annual cookie exchange for the holiday season.

Steps to a Successful Cookie Exchange

Step One: Talk to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about your idea to start an annual holiday cookie exchange to find interested parties willing to join in the fun. Many of your family and friends will no doubt have unique, interesting cookie recipes that they would be willing to make and share, especially if they only had to bake one type of cookie for the holiday.

Step Two: Discuss dates and times available for the cookie exchange as well as a location. It could be done at your home or a local restaurant to make a night out for you and your cookie exchange friends.

Step Three: Create a flyer for the cookie exchange which should include the following information: explain how the cookie exchange works, determine a date and time to exchange cookies, list all the participating members of the cookie exchange, list the type of cookie each member will be making to avoid duplicate cookies. Suggest that all the participating cookie exchangers give their cookies in a decorative container or holiday gift box as a nice way of presenting their cookies. Also suggest that they could even provide the name of the cookie and the recipe so that the recipient could duplicate the delicious holiday cookie!

Step Four: Pass out or mail the flyer so that all participants to the cookie exchange will have the information needed regarding how many batches of cookies to make and when they will need to be delivered.

Step Five: Make arrangements for the cookie exchange party at a local restaurant which is a great choice if you'd like to leave all the work, cooking and cleaning to the experts or clear the date on your calendar at home if they party will be hosted by you.

Step Six: Purchase a nice holiday gift box, gift basket or other decorative holiday container for each person that you will be baking for. Remember that each person will be baking one dozen of each type of cookie per participating cookie exchange member. You'll need one container per person.

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Step Seven: A week or more before the cookie exchange, purchase the necessary ingredients for your particular type of cookie you'll be baking. Cookies can be made in advance of the needed date and placed in zip lock baggies into the freezer and will keep fine without spoiling. If you can find your necessary baking ingredients on sale at the grocery store, stock up to save money and reduce the cost of the cookie exchange even further. Make an extra dozen cookies to share at the cookie exchange party with everyone.

Step Eight: Create your recipe on a recipe card or index card and make copies for each participating member of the cookie exchange. You can place the recipe directly into the box or punch a small hole in the corner, tie a holiday ribbon to the recipe and attach to the outside of the decorative box with each person's name. Add a holiday greeting to personalize your cookie exchange gift!

Step Nine: The day before the cookie exchange, arrange your cookies into the decorative container that you will be giving each participant. Line the bottom of the container with parchment paper or wax paper as well as each layer of cookies. Attach the recipe if you haven't done that already. Make the container festive as it will be part of the gift of cookies!

Step Ten: The day of the cookie exchange prepare for the party either at your home or at a local restaurant (preferred to keep your workload to a minimal). Pack your cookies up in a box or storage container so they will arrive safely without breaking and take with you to the restaurant. Meet and greet your other cookie exchange participants, thank them for participating.

Step Eleven: Enjoy your time with your friends, family or co-workers, discuss the cookie exchange process and begin arrangements to make the cookie exchange an annual holiday event.

Step Twelve: Return home with your cookies, store in a cool, dry place until needed for your various holiday gatherings. Avoid eating the cookies too early and keep away from the rest of the family until needed or you may need to rebake all those cookies!!

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