Writing and Promoting Articles for Infobarrel Will Teach You the Basics You Will Need to Get Started

A simple definition of passive income is:  Income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.  Not many people are going to complain about consistantly earning money while putting out little work.  Earning passive income is a goal for many and with the advent of the internet, it is a reachable goal for the "average" person.  Not only reachable, but attainable in an amount of time that wouldn't have been fathomable 20 years ago. 

 Before the internet - It generally took money to earn passive income.  We have all heard the sayings "It takes money to make money" and "Having your money work for you".  Twenty years ago, these were true.  Passive income was something reserved for the rich.  The thought of passive income would bring to mind rental property and investments and other things that required large capital on the front end.  Along came the internet and all of that changed. 

The Internet Era - Everything has changed.  You can start earning passive income almost immediately.  For the beginner there will be a long and steep learning curve before you will be making a living off of your passive income from the internet.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that you can start right now! 

To get started immediately, I recommend signing up and writing content articles  for Infobarrel.com.  Infobarrel will display Google Adsense ads in your artcles and you will earn up to 90% of the revenue when someone clicks on one of these ads. Signing up takes mere minutes and you can begin writing immediately.  In the process of writing and promoting your articles you will learn 3 key facets of internet business that will be the backbone of earning passive income in the future.  

Quality Content - To earn money from any website, you are not just going to have to get people to your website but you are going to have to get them to keep coming back to it.  Writing for Infobarrel will help in developing the skill of putting out quality content.  Quality content is not only well written content but also content that people find interesting and that people can use.  If you keep in mind the goal of "making the internet a better place" with each contribution to it, you will be much more likely to churn out consistant, quality content.

Keyword Rich Articles - It won't do any good to put out quality content if nobody sees it.  Promoting your articles for Infobarrel will include writing keyword rich content that will rank high in the search engines.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  will be necessary in any area of internet business you go into.  To get ranked high in Google and other search engines your Infobarrel articles will need to be quality content which are also  rich in keywords. 

Backlinking - Creating backlinks for your articles will also be important for SEO.  Backlinks are links to your Infobarrel articles on other websites and blogs. 

We won't delve into backlinking in this article as there are hundreds of books, websites and theories on how to best backlink to your articles.

If you are a complete beginner and want to get your feet wet I urge you to just do it now. Sign up now for Infobarrel.Com and write your first article today.  After writing a few high quality, keyword rich articles and practicing with backlinking, you will have a good, basic understanding of 3 of the key elements of setting up an internet business(s)  that is going to generate passive income for you.