When most people start dieting to lose weight, they instantly believe that by eating less food and less meals each day that they will lose weight. Some people even go to the extreme and virtually starve themselves. At first the results look fantastic on the scales with lots and lots of weight quickly lost. But don't let this rapid weight loss fool you.

Most of the weight lost is lean body mass and not fat, so in fact as you are losing weight you are actually becoming fatter and not even knowing that you are doing so. Not only do you lose valuable high calorie burning lean body mass, but your metabolic rate go's into starvation mode and starts running at a snails pace, which means once you start eating normally again the weight you have lost will quickly return.

The secret to long term weight loss, is to actually start eating more meals each day than less meals. But its very important that you make sure that these meals are small. Lets say you are on a 2000 calories a day diet plan, its much better to eat six small 333 calories meals than eating three large 666 calorie meals. This is because each time that you eat your body uses energy to digest and break down the food. Plus if you are only eating three large meals a day, your body can only use so much energy from it. The rest is going to be stored as fat. If you are not eating food at least every three hours then you are not allowing your metabolism to run at its optimum speed.

Think of your metabolism as a fire, to keep a fire burning for longer you need to keep feeding it a few logs every few hours. Feed the fire all of the logs at once and watch how quickly the fire go's out. Your metabolism is just like this fire, feed it good healthy food every few hours and you will quickly be on your way to seeing long term weight loss results that last. Stay away from diet plans that promote rapid weight loss and starvation diets.