How-To Escape the Voice Mail Abyss and Increase Roof Sales!

Would You Call Yourself Back?

"Please pick up, please pick up, please pick up....S#*t, voice mail!" How many times have you found yourself in this situation? You finally get the nerve to call an important customer and you get stuck with their voice mail. You're now faced with a difficult decision... to leave a voice mail or not...

I say you should always leave a voice mail message... assuming you had something important to say in the first place. What option do you think is best?

If you’re like most people, you will leave your typical follow-up message of, “Hello Mr Smith, this is Eric with XYZ Roofing. Just touching base to see if you've made any decisions on the proposal I delivered to you. My number is 888-8888. I hope to hear from you soon with any questions you might have or if you want to move forward with anything."

Ring a bell? There's a good chance you leave voice mails like that all the time. Now here’s the bad news… THIS IS NOT FOLLOW-UP!

When you "follow-up" or "touch base" on a quote, the customer hears something like this: "I'm just calling to see if you're ready to give me any money. Call me back as soon as you can so I can let you know how to give it to me."

Maybe it isn't a mystery as to why you aren't getting your voice mail returned!

What's the secret to getting a call back? Simple – give the customer a reason to call you back! Leave voice mails packed with new information, value or anything else that will drive the customer to action!

My challenge to you: Write down your voice mail message prior to calling the customer. Ask yourself, "If I was the customer would I return this phone call"? If you only leave voice mails that you would return, chances are your customers will see a reason to return them as well.

As you can see, it's all about leaving information in a way that moves the customer to action. Oddly enough, you'll find that your roof sales dramatically increase when this starts happening! Shocker, huh?

Still not sure where to start? Try these ideas the next time you need to foll0w-up with a customer... 

  • Provide options to the base scope of work
  • Talk about scheduling the project
  • Deliver customer testimonials that the customer can relate to
  • Send pictures of similar projects that they can relate to
  • Coordinate roof walks with the customer so they can see your work-in-progress

Do you get your phone calls returned? How do you do it? Share you stories and we all grow.

Voice Mails Not Getting Returned?