Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Rather than using commercial products to feed your canine companion, you ought to consider the raw food diet, and making homemade raw dog food recipes. Today, commercial kibble includes lots of grains and cereals, with most having a content of over 50 percent. These ingredients are the most common cause of allergies in dogs. Plus, this food is cooked, which takes away from most of its original nutritional value, and contains unhealthy preservatives.
There are several reasons as to why dog owners should change this destructive manufactured diet over to homemade raw dog food. Not only do you have complete control and knowledge of everything that goes into it, but you can also be confident that it provides the healthiest, most calcium and mineral packed meals. In turn, this improves the dog's health overall by extending its longevity, improving its coat, decreasing its allergies, managing its weight, reducing its body odor, improving its muscle development, and allowing for the production of less and firmer stools. Since homemade raw dog food allows the dog to chew on raw bones, it keeps its teeth clean and healthy, as well.

Start Making Homemade Raw Dog FoodCredit: Image courtesy of Maggie Smith / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

However, abruptly changing your furry friend's eating habits could cause some negative side effects, specifically digestive problems. For this reason, easing it into the switch is the safest, most reliable method. Remember to do your research and perhaps even talk to your veterinarian about making the switch, as well.

The Benefits of Homemade Raw Dog Food

Unlike commercial food, making homemade meals for your pet allows for a variety of yummy selections it is sure to love. However, there are some foods to stay clear of when planning your new doggy diet. Things like grains, salt, yeast, tea, coffee and macadamia nuts should always stay out of the picture for varying reasons--usually because they pose a health risk to your pet. Additionally, the seeds and pits of fruits as well as stems and leaves of potato and tomato plants should be left out. Chocolate is never a good treat, as dogs experience chocolate toxicity, a condition that causes diarrhea and vomiting. Onions are also highly poisonous to them.

Chevy, our Maltese, Playing with My Daughter

A sample raw food meal would include perhaps about a pound of either raw, meaty bones, boneless meat or ground meat with a cup of pureed vegetables. When using boneless or ground meat, however, it is recommended that you add either eggshells (or whole eggs), a calcium supplement or some offal (other animal parts such as kidney, liver, heart, etc.), to account for the calcium that may not be provided by the bones. You may also use fish, canned or otherwise, but only about once a week and no more. As soon as you have all these ingredients chosen, you may season with other supplements such as fish oil and vitamin C.  I use a small amount of flax oil to keep my dog's coat healthy.

Your dog is a member of your family, and you would not want to feed yourself plain, unhealthy processed food every day, so you should not feed that to your family, either.  Your furry child deserves a diet of homemade raw dog food.  Through experimentation and a bit of research online, you can find plenty of homemade raw dog food recipes to begin serving your pet something real.