Make Money with WebAnswers

Make Money Online Answering Questions

Why Use WebAnswers?

Recently, many people have been looking for easy ways to make money online through Google Adsense. Earning Adsense revenue has become very appealing because it is easy to do, and anyone with a computer and a bank account can do it. offers a new, easy, and fun way to make Google Adsense revenue online. WebAnswers is a great site because it allows anyone with an Adsense account to immediately start earning money by simply answering other user's questions. The goal is to provide quality answers that will be selected as the "best" answer by the user who posted the question.

Quality Score

Once you create a WebAnswers account and begin answering questions, you should begin focusing on increasing your "Quality Score". This scoring system (which is hidden by the site operators to maintain the integrity of the site) is the single most important factor for maximizing your earnings with WebAnswers. Simply put, the higher your quality score, the more add revenue you will potentially earn.

Factors that affect Quality Score:

  • Correcy spelling and grammar
  • Writing in complete sentences
  • Answering with original material
  • Length of answers

Maintaining a high quality score is the most important thing to consider when answering questions on WebAnswers. Your quality score determines the amount of add exposure your pages will see and the amount of Adsense revenue you will earn. Try and focus on spelling and grammar in your answers. Write in complete sentences and try and write 3-5 sentences of quality material in each answer you post.

Other Ways to Increase Revenue:

You can also increase your WebAnswers revenue by consistently answering a few questions each day as opposed to answering a bunch one day, and none the next. The more consistenty you answer questions, the more exposure and revenue you will earn. Successful users answer at least 10 - 50 questions each day in order to maximize their revenue on WebAnswers.

Another way to increase your earning potential on WebAnswers is to maintain a high ratio of awarded answers/answers. Again the goal of the site is to have your answer awarded as the best answer to the question. There is no point in answering questions if your answers are never picked as the "best". Ideally, you want to be awarded at least 10% of the answers that you submit. Using your time efficiently on WebAnswers is another way you can maximize your Google Adsense revenue.

User Expert Levels of WebAnswers

Expert Levels

Number of Awarded Answers

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Start Making Money Online with WebAnswers

WebAnswers attracts many users because of its friendly environment and atmosphere. While the site keeps 40% of the Google Adsense revenue that it collects, there is still a huge potential for individual revenue if you learn to maximize your Quality Score. If you follow the tips listed above, the only limiting factor to the amount of money you can make is the time you are willing to put into the site.

WebAnswers also offers a supportive community which makes spending time on the site a breeze if you enjoy communicating with others. If you have a little time on your hands and the ambition to earn some extra Google Adsense revenue, WebAnswers is the place for you. Even if you have no experience with the Google Adsense program, WebAnswers will help you as you go along. As soon as you answer 10 questions (which can take only minutes) you will be given the option to open a Google Adsense account. Please take a second to check out the site. WebAnswers offers a unique experience that can be both intellectually and financially rewarding.