Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a great hobby, especially as it gets warmer. It is great outdoor exercise, but it requires special equipment. Here are five things you'll need to get started.

Mountain Bike

This may seem obvious, but it's important to buy the right riding equipment. You need to do plenty of research. Consider the terrain in which you plan to ride the most. If you're going to ride mostly in sand, then you want a different piece than if you are riding over rocks. Talk to shop employees, experts, and read articles to know the best riding equipment for you.


Some people have suffered life-altering head injuries from bike accidents. Mountain biking trails, while fun, can be dangerous. Trails are littered with rocks and trees to cause head trauma. Find a helmet that offers maximum protection and feels comfortable during use.

Seat Cover

The seats on your bicycle that come straight from the factory don't cushion you very well. Many beginning bikers experience sores from riding with uncomfortable seats. Seat covers come in plenty of different sizes and materials for your personal choice.

Repair Kit

Don't hit the trails without a repair kit. You want something to help you patch tires in the event of a puncture. You also need a pump to put air back in the tires as you go. A repair kit comes in a variety of forms, but are light and easy to carry. Consult with a local shop to get the best kit.

Bike Rack

To transfer your bicycle to the trail, make sure you have a sturdy bike rack. Consult with your bike shop to make sure you find the proper rack for your bike and car. Improper fitting can result in scratches to both your car and bike.

Preparing yourself for your mountain biking adventures involves buying the right equipment. Don't begin your hobby without consulting local bike shops and online resources. You should look to have fun in a safe manner with mountain biking.