Setting up your account

We all have stuff laying around that we do not use anymore.  Why not free up some space and turn it into money in your pocket?  Right now, believe it or no, there is someone out there who has an idea or is searching for what you have and haven't been using.  


Finding Things To Sell:

I usually begin by looking around the house for things I no longer use, or have upgraded and stuffed the old one in the closet.  Old electronics are great.  We all have closets full of stuff we haven't even touched in years.  Your initial thought might be, "I might still use that." but ask yourself if you have used it in the last 6 months? last year? If the answer is no, turn it into money that you could use for something newer or better. 


The next step once you have found a few items you want to sell is to do some research on eBay. I generally start by searching for the item name and in the case of electronics, any information I can find on the labels on the back of the product or from the manuals I might still have.  Once you hit the search button it is important now to filter your results.  Undearneath the search box is a button that says "Completed Listings"  This is the first page I go to.  Under completed listings you can see what your item has been selling for and get a general estimate of the average going price for your item.  If the price is in green that means that the item sold for that price. If it is in red, then it did not sell.  

Creating an Account:

The next step is setting up your eBay account.  When you go to the main eBay site, at the top left you will see a little box that has a blue button that says "Register" Click on this and fill out the necessary information.  

Setting up a PayPal Account:

There are several options to accept payment on eBay. One of the most popular and the one I personally use is PayPal.  It is great because it keeps your information, specifically your bank accounts secure and keeps you from having to give that information to bidders and other people on the internet.  I reccomend going to and signing up for an account. Once you do this you will go back to eBay and input this information under your account set-up and payment options. 

Posting Your Auction:

Towards the top of eBay you will see a tab that says "Sell" click on this and you will be brought to a place where you will type in the general description of your eBay item.  eBay has a catalogue where it stores information on thousand of products and if it has the exact product you are trying to sell it will pre-fillout information about that product.  This is great for electronics.  


Post your item in terms of how you would like to see it if you were looking to buy a similar item. Take great pictures and provide all the information you can in the description.  Also, it is extremely important to highlight any defects. Do not lie and hide defects.