Eating Raw For Life - Simple Steps For Success

Changing your eating habits to include nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables sounds easy enough in theory, that is, until you start to get your first cravings. When you start the raw food diet, you may experience dizziness and become extremely irritable. Before your body can begin to get used to running on a more pure form of fuel, it may be difficult for you to ignore all of the temptations around you. While you might have never noticed how delicious a loaf of fresh baked bread smelled before you started on your raw food challenge, but there are ways to combat these cravings before they even begin. Whether you are eating raw to lose weight or simply because you are dedicated to living a more healthy lifestyle, you can transition with ease instead of headache.

The first thing that you want to do while you are starting a raw food diet is to purchase plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Initially, your diet may consist more of light salads and snacks than anything else. Try not to go overboard, but give yourself a wide selection of fresh produce to choose from daily. If you have the means to purchase a food processor, dehydrator and juicer, these items will help you to create healthy, satisfying meals. Your main objective is to learn how to enjoy eating raw meals so that you will no longer feel the need to consume processed foods. In order to accomplish this goal you will need to purchase and try out as many new and exotic fruit and vegetables that you can find.

Look up raw food recipes and pick out the ones that use ingredients that you like. Alternatively, you could search for raw food alternatives that simulate processed foods. For instance, dehydrated kale chips are incredibly similar in taste and texture when compared to fried potato chips. Put tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic into your food processor and you will have a great tasty raw spaghetti sauce. Use the back of a fork to shred an eggplant for a natural pasta substitute and pour some of your raw spaghetti sauce on top. As long as you are creative you will easily be able to come up with fun and innovative raw food alternatives.

If you find that you are having a hard time going between meals, eat plenty of snacks and drink filling smoothies. Not only will you get a generous helping of essential vitamins and minerals every time you try out a new green smoothie recipe, you will also be able to stave off cravings. In time, you will wake up in the morning with boundless energy and your cravings will begin to subside. Like any other diet, the first few weeks will be incredibly difficult, but once you find a way to enjoy raw foods more you will never want to eat anything else.