Social marketing is a necessary step for the internet marketer today, and Twitter is one of the leading sites on the social marketing scene.  A Twitter Account Registration is easy to do. Start a Twitter account and use the Twitter platform to gain leads for your other endeavors, market to the account on its own, or any combination of the two.

The Twitter account registration interface is relatively user-friendly, but there are steps you can take to make your account, profile, and username pages more welcoming.

Your Twitter Username

When registering your Twitter username, consider using keywords that focus on your name, business, or niche.  It is usually best to focus on your name or business, but keywords relating to your niche are sometimes a good second choice.

Make sure it is unique enough that it will not be confused with someone else in your market.  If you are choosing a name related to your website name, make sure you have a top level domain name, probably even the .com extension, for that name.  If you have a sub-domain like, and you pick a username of shoppingdiva, you do not want someone to come behind you and register the domain name of

You can change your username later, if you decide the one you pick is a mistake, but that leaves the first open to registration again.  If you decide on a different name, you may be better off just registering the new name and starting over.

Setting Up Twitter Account

Go to and register your username.  Sign into your email account and verify the Twitter account when you get the registration email.  Then go through the following steps to be sure you have your profile complete.

  1. Upload a picture.  This could be your picture, a logo from your website, or the picture of something related to your niche.  Remember though, with social marketing, personal is often best, so your picture might be the best way to go.  If it is for a business, and there is more than one person tweeting, a logo may be best.  It is best to keep a Twitter account under the control of one person, though, so there is a consistent voice to the account.
  2. Complete all the fields on your profile page. Insert your name, or the name of your business. Fill in your Location.  You can make this as simple as your country, or as detailed as your exact address.  Consider what the account is for.  If you are running a restaurant, you really want followers in your area.
  3. Insert Your Website URL into “More Info URL”.  Use a page that tells more about you and consider giving something free to anyone who lands here.  A free resource or download can get you another Twitter follower, and a regular visitor to your website.
  4. Fill in your Bio.  Like your tweets, tell what you are doing so people will be interested.  Use some of the same keywords you are using on the main page of your website.  Searches are done on Twitter, just like search engines, so be sure you are being found for the right items.  These will also let people know what you are about.
  5. On the Profile page, you can also link your Twitter account to your Facebook page.  If you are going to be sending a lot of tweets, it may be too much for your Facebook account, but you can decide.  You can also change this later, so you are not stuck with the decision, one way or the other.
  6. Send some Twitters/Updates.  Potential followers will often check your profile page and tweet history before deciding to follow you.  Like any list, they want to see if what you say is interesting.  In the case of Twitter, they are able to see what you have been talking about, before they decide to follow you.  Tweet some interesting information of the same type you will be doing in the future.
  7. Go to the Design tab to change your profile’s background and colors.  If you have a website, try to match it to help with your branding image.  This can easily be done down the line.  You pick one of the choices that Twitter supplies, you can choose from one of the free services offered on the web, or pay a professional to create one for you.

Okay.  You have now taken care of the things that others will be seeing.  There are some behind the scenes changes to make so your Twitter experience will be more enjoyable and useful.

  1. On the Account tab, select whether to protect your updates or not.  If you protect your updates, they will not appear in the public timeline, and general searchers will not be able to find you.  You should not protect your tweets, without a reason to specifically do so.  You can also change your time zone, and the language of your page.  You can add a location to your tweets, if you decide that is helpful.
  2. Go to the Devices tab and enter your mobile phone number, so you are able to send tweets from your phone while away from the computer.
  3. On the Notifications tab, you can select when you get alerts.  When starting out, you can get notices when people follow you, but as your account grows, it is best to turn that off, or you will be flooded with notices. 

Your account is now set up, and hopefully you have sent some tweets out.  Try to continue sending out 4-6 tweets a day.  Make your tweets a mixture of personal and professional.  Do not send many selling or advertisement tweets in the beginning.  You will not have much of a follower base, and should be more interested in adding to your follower base at this time.

I hope that this makes it easier for you to see that a Twitter account registration is easy to accomplish, and that if you have decided to start a Twitter Account, this helps you to get it set up.  I look forward to seeing you on Twitter.

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