Whether you are taking up western calligraphy or calligraphy that had its origins in the Orient you may want to equip yourself with a quality calligraphy set. The basic tools of calligraphy will be a calligraphy pen and an assortment of nibs, if you're going to be doing western calligraphy, or calligraphy brushes and ink making equipment for Chinese or Japanese calligraphy.

Picking up either kinds of calligraphy is going to involve a process that will challenge you both mentally and physically. Calligraphy is the kind of art that is easy to learn but extremely difficult to master. Having the right tools will help to make the learning process just a little more comfortable.

What you might like to do to start off with is to buy a cheap calligraphy set or an individual calligraphy pen so that if you find the craft is too difficult you won't be out of pocket by too much. Many people, though, find that once they have started they become hooked by the challenge and the satisfaction of looking upon their finished work. Buying a decent calligraphy set puts them on that path more quickly.

A western calligraphy set may contain a calligraphy pen holder plus a range of 5 or more calligraphy nibs. These nibs will be of different widths giving you the versatility required to produce a range of calligraphic designs. Along with the pen and nibs you should get a bottle of ink that you will need to charge your pen while working.

Chinese or Japanese calligraphy sets will contain a range of brushes, possibly made from a variety of hair types and of different sizes. They will be accompanied by ink making equipment consisting of an ink stick, a grinding stone and a ceramic water bowl to pour your finished ink into. The ink making process is a rather important part of the process of producing Chinese or Japanese calligraphy.

Many times the boxes that a calligraphy set comes in are highly decorated pieces of artwork in their own right. These boxes make great gifts and owning one helps to inspire you as you prepare to begin a new project.

Companies from which you can buy a quality calligraphy set include Brause, Lamy, Shaeffer, Staedtler and Neward. They are available with a different number of components and the pen holder will vary from one manufacturer to another. It is a good idea to find a pen holder that feels comfortable in your hand. It is also important to remember that not all brands of nibs will fit every type of pen holder. If you are going to want to buy new nibs for your pen you will have to get one that is compatible.

Finding a suitable calligraphy pen is an important part of the process of starting out in the art of calligraphy. Buying a calligraphy set is the quickest and easiest way to ensure you have all the tools you require.