Probably one of the hardest tasks in entrepreneurship is coming up with ideas that are profitable to start your own business.  As a successful entrepreneur you have to be able to identify potential opportunities. You have to be always on your toes and be alert for the next possible business venture that may present itself to you.

There are ideas for business startups everywhere. It is best to have a plan that enables you to sift through the start your own business ideas that you may encounter.  When you can identify opportunities in everyday situations, you are well on your way to developing a successful business startup idea.

Coming Up With An Idea for a New Business

Starting Your Own Business

Ten Resources For New Business Ideas

Here is a list of 10 possible sources for new business ideas:

  1. Consumers are a great source for new business ideas. Focus groups have been around for a long time because they are based on consumer perceptions so it has been proven to be an awesome resource. If you can contact consumers and find out what they are looking for you probably have a great source of business ideas.
  2. Shopping patterns in stores. Take a stroll in a mall or department store. When you see items that are featured to get shoppers attention, you can be sure that the store has a marketing edge that you can capitalize on.
  3. Look for problems.  Everyday life is filled with problems that may hold an idea for a new business. If you are looking for solutions to problems, chances are that other people are too. Providing a solution to an everyday problem can be very profitable.
  4. Brainstorming ideas. Get together with friends and bounce around ideas for new businesses. Not only can you possibly come up with a great idea but you can also gather thoughts on future marketing for the product or idea.
  5. Spotting latest trends. Magazines and newspapers are a great resource of what’s hot in the market. If you can capitalize on a thought that goes along with the trend you may have a winning idea.
  6. What do you like? Look inside your own interests to find ideas for small business. If you are passionate about a subject you are more likely to find success at a business based on it.
  7. Magazines and newspapers hold keys to new business ideas. Look at headlines or read inside the pages to develop creative ideas for new business startups. Just reading inspires many entrepreneurs to develop profitable business ideas.
  8. Television shopping channels. Watch shopping shows on television to see what people are buying.  There are so many on television that you can browse through them for inspiration.
  9. Read small business forums. Forums are a place where online people gather to discuss various subjects. Online forums can be a fantastic resource for inspiring creative business ideas. You will find that there are forums for just about any subject. Simple type the subject and the word forum in a search engine browser and you will find many forums. For example if you wanted to find a forum on cooking, type in “cooking forum” in Google or Yahoo depending on what search engine you use.
  10. Question family members. At your next family gathering initiate a conversation about new business ideas and see what kind of response you get. However goofy that may sound it just may generate your next new business idea.

Keep a little notebook handy of possible business ideas that you may encounter. Simply writing your thoughts down may help in developing your next profitable small business idea.