Start a Craft Business

Before you decide to start a craft business, you should create your own business plan. From promoting your business to how you will actually do business. This will give your business the best chance. New businesses are a matter of trial and error so read on to get things started.

You should have at least a few business tools in place to start a new craft business. Advertising is the key to promoting your products. This doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Business cards and flyers are inexpensive business tools.

There are lots of ways to do business without leasing office space. It's better to test the waters first with your new business. You might consider craft shows, E-bay or online sites to sell your craft items. Even malls have craft fairs and there are plenty of schools that are willing to charge table fees to supply a time and date to display your wares.

There are some other alternatives that you might think about trying. An open house, displaying at least one of each type of craft or several options of a particular craft can give you a good start with a craft business. You can invite friends, family and neighbors to your home. Send out formal or informal invitations, serve refreshments and take orders. You might consider booking parties at this event. Be flexible in variations in colors, etc when taking orders. This can turn out to be a huge success and may be a nice start for your craft business. You could offer free items of choice depending on how much a craft party brings in. When planning your parties it is best to give a hostess some incentives to get sales or invite people out. If the hostess invites all her friends and she sells $200.00 in merchandise, you should probably give her a certain dollar amount to spend on products.

In order to promote and sell some of your handcrafted products, you could also try some places on line like where you can sell your crafts in a huge online market place.

Begin building a portfolio of your work, taking pictures and displaying them in a photo book of all your craft items will be a big help for your new craft business.. You can use this to place orders with friends and family. Keep this handy at all times. You never know when a friend or co-worker might need to order a gift for someone.