Start your own Ebay business with no cash. Sounds good to me, the no risk and plenty of reward Ebay business strategy was something I read about a few years back and tried on a whim. Six months later I had tired of the grind of constant listings, standing in line daily at the post office, and working hard to make real money with a low profit item. I was making some pretty good money, but was working harder than I ever had in my life. What did I learn? There is a much easier way to get started on Ebay and even better for no upfront cash investment. The strategy I had originally based my decision on was a complete bust, but there is a legitimate way to start your Ebay empire for no money, well except the cost of listing your auctions anyway.

I scrapped what I had done up until that point, and started over with a new business model and put my Ebay business into overdrive by putting it on autopilot. I finally had more time, and was making even more money than just a few months before. This was easy, forget all that low profit stuff and make some real money with proper product selection. You need a descent profit margin product to make much money on Ebay. This concept was lesson number one.

How did I manage to make my Ebay business more profitable? I chose better products with higher profit margins and then did something else totally revolutionary at the time, or so I thought. I realized my time had value and outsourced the warehousing, processing of orders, packaging of items and shipping to somebody else. I hired a drop shipper to do the distribution and grunt work for me. Lesson number two, your time is your most valuable asset, hire out the grunt work to have the time to focus on actions which will make you more money.

Here is the great part about the decision I made to go with a drop shipping service, I got my life back and freed up nearly 40 hours a week in the process. With more time, I had the ability to write more listings, and with more listings came steadily increasing profits. Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention one other little thing. It did not cost me a dime to have all those additional products to sell. They were all available from the company I hired to do my distribution for me. Lesson number three was you are better off selling for somebody else rather than yourself. You can make plenty of money being the middleman, while taking none of the risk to own your own inventory.

Is it possible to start your own Ebay business with no cash? Yes it is. It is that simple when you let somebody else do the work and you take your share of the pie for being the brains of the operation.