Most people want to start their own business. However, most people think they do not have enough time, knowledge, experience, etc. All of these are just artificial myths. I've started several profitable businesses in just a few hours, and could have done it even quicker if I wanted to. I'll show you how to start a business, come up with an idea, and generate income today.

1. Put the excuses to rest: It does not take much time, experience or resources to start a business. No need for coding, building a site and so forth. I started a salsa of the month business in under an hour and was profitable on day one. I didn't make the salsa or even know what brands I was going to buy. I just asked people if they'd be interested via email, social networks, etc. and I received positive feedback. I had them pay me via Paypal and boom, the business was created,

2. Pick an idea: I chose salsa because I like it. It's that simple. Start basic and do not worry about scaling before you even validate. Go to Reddit, Craigslist and Amazon. See what people are ASKING for. Reddit has an idea section, Craigslist has a ton of people looking to PAY for services, and Amazon has a best seller list (hint: make accessories to accommodate these items and sell on Etsy, ebay and so forth).

3. Validate your idea: Ask people if they'd pay for it, not if they "like" it. Some things are good for you but people don't like them or do not want to buy it. Try to get 3 customers in 48 hours. Shouldn't be hard it your idea adds value. If you can't do this, pick a different idea. Failure is OK if it's done quickly without losing a lot of money, or in this case no money.

4. Get customers before you build: Make sure you get the money first and then go out and buy/build your product. Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowdfunding sites popularized this idea. It works if you're product is good.

5. Just do it: No excuses and don't procrastinate or think your idea isn't worth doing. Just do it. You'll learn valuable skills at the very least, such as how to market, sell, cope with rejection, etc. 

Go out there right now and sell something! There are millions of people looking to buy things right now all over the internet. Find them and give them what they want.