Starting a payroll business from home can be a lucrative endeavor. Payroll and bookkeeping are necessary functions for every business yet most small business owners do not have the time or do not have the skills to make them comfortable doing it themselves. Theses business owners choose to outsource the payroll functions so they can concentrate on what they know, running their business.

It is essential for a business to have organized payroll records. When that it not a skill that the small business owner has then they either need to hire an in-house staff or out source. This is where a Payroll business, based out of your home, will fill this niche. There are steps to take before you are ready for your first client.

Payroll Home Business Training

You must have the fundamental skills, knowledge and abilities required for this home-based business. These include payroll concepts, payroll calculations, fringe benefits, payroll reporting and employment taxes, record keeping and payroll practices, and payroll accounting. If you have this knowledge then you are off to a quick start. If you do not your can visit the American Payroll Association for more information on training and certification.

Payroll Business Plan

Start with making a business plan of your home-based payroll business. The information you gain from your research will help you understand the necessary steps to start and manage your small home-based business. Your business plan should include:

-Description of your business
-Marketing plan
-Management to run and grow your business.
Templates for a business plan can be attained at

Payroll Business Start-up Tools

The simple equipment you'll need to get started in your payroll business include:

-Computer with plenty of memory.
-High speed internet connection.
-Payroll software
-Computer back-up process
-Surge protector
-Virus and Spyware protection for computer
-Smoke alarm near office area.
-Separate entrance for local customers to enter home.

Marketing Your Payroll Business

Marketing your service is crucial for gaining new clients. Finding clients for your home-based payroll business can take many forms.

1. Place ads in your local paper.

2. Create accounts on one or more of many Social Networking websites and promote you website there. Include: Craigslist, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook

3.Start a blog and fill it with keyword rich information. There are many good sites including:

-Blogger,,Blogspot, 360 Degrees, Spaces,, MySpace, and Blog.

4. Ping your Blog, Pinging is a great way to let the search engines know when you have updated your blog. Some good Ping sites include: Pingomatic, Blogflux, Google, King Ping, Feedshark, AutoPinger, and FeedBurner.

5. Write articles directing reader to your blog. Send different versions of your articles to the Article Directories and put the original on your site. A short list of prominent Article Directories include: ezinearticles, goarticles, articledashboard, and

6. Create backlinks to your blog by visiting other blogs, forums, or groups and place comments there. Each comment creates a backlink which will increase your ranking for the search engines.

Before you begin any home-based business you need to be true to yourself. Do not start any small business that you will not put your heart in to. Running a business is hard work and entails long hours but the trade off is you are your own boss. Begin your home-based Payroll business with the proper training, research, and a good marketing plan for long term success.