Starting a podcast is fun and it is also a great way to make a living. Many people are producing great content and best of all, this content is accessible while you drive, work, work out or just chill out.

Things You Will Need

A digital voice record, microphone, computer with internet access.

Step 1

Develop content. Pick a subject you love and know about. Research the web to see if anyone else is doing it. If so, can you do it better? Is there are market or do you care about making money from this venture?

Step 2

Develop a show outline. Many people "wing it". Sometimes I do. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Figure out what works for you but you should generally have an idea about where the show is going. Don't go on and ramble for 30 minutes. Mine goes.... Intro ----> episode # ----> Updates/new ----> body ----> General summary ----> conclusion ----> signoff.

Step 3

Record the show. Use the pause button when needed. Download the .wav file or sound file of your choice to you computer. Use Audacity (a free program) to edit and add music or other features. Upload the file to your blog/server.

Step 4

If you are using Wordpress there are plugins to help you find your feed address. Once you get your feed address you can go to Feedburner and use it to generate a new feed which will always be yours no matter what happens to your blog. That is just a suggestion and not necessary for publishing.

Step 5

You can normally generate a blog post and keep the podcast within the post. The post should be a selling point for getting people to listen to the show. Give your outline and hit on some key topics you discussed.

Step 6

If you are happy then great you are done. If you want to get more exposure you may need to submit your feed to itunes. Once you submit your feed you CANNOT MODIFY IT. That is why I use Feedburner (now!). On the podcast page of itunes, click on submit podcast and follow the instructions. Itunes will verify your feed and send you an email when it goes live. While you are waiting you may want to generate cover art and keywords and add them to your feed at your blog. Having a blog makes all of this so much easier.
Hosting a podcast can be fun and will bring you tons of fans and education if you do it right.

Tips & Warnings

Don't use copyrighted material on your podcast. That includes opening songs.