Buying and selling can be 
very lucrative if approached in a professional way, too many people
attempt to make extra money by buying items and selling on but with their very
unprofessional approach will never turn this into a very profitable venture.


Your approach will dictate the final selling price, this
article will show you how to approach selling second hand goods, or renamed
collectables, a collectable is a collective name for anything that someone
collects and buys.


I have been selling for years and there are very easy and
simple rules that will make you successful and your outlets can be very
reasonable starting with car boot sales & Village fates with a little
research you should be able to set up a stool between £10 and £25




Buying second hand collectables can be a very easy way to
start a small business, buying is reasonably easy, start with Auction houses,
charity shops and second hand shops

Auctions are always popular and for as little as £100 you
can easily fill your stool with good stock, Charity shops again will give good
value and normally the quality is very high, finally second hand shops, if you
visit regularly there will be certain items that the dealer has had trouble
selling, look for pieces that are gathering dust, put at least 4 of these
together and make a reasonable offer that will be taken seriously.


RULE 1 Presentation


Always present your products in a very professional way
no matter where you decide to sell, if your stool looks cheap and thrown
together it will be a reflection on the price you will sell at


RULE 2 Quality


Always sell quality and if there are any damaged items
that do have a sell on value set them aside from your stock and sell as


RULE 3 Carriage


When buying always make sure that all your items for sale
can be taken to the venue large items have to be taken and then removed by the
purchaser, small items make life easier for all concerned and will also appeal
to the impulse buyer.


RULE 4 Get to know your Customers


A good relationship with your customers is essential to
an ongoing sales relationship, once your customers get to know you they will
return to check over your stool,

Ask your customers for any items that they are especially
looking for and give them your assurance that you will contact them.


Buying and selling can be a very lucrative business if approached
in a professional way,


Once you have found your niche customers will be looking
for you.