Google AdSense is one of the best way webmasters and bloggers can monetize their websites and blogs. One of the reasons for this is because AdSense has been very easy to implement. Publishers can see AdSense ads appearing on their website in shortest time possible.

One or more AdSense ads can be placed on a webpage, and the integration of the Adsense ads with the webpage is very easy and can be done in only a few minutes.

So what does a publisher need to do to start making money with Google AdSense?

First of all you must have AdSense  account. If you do not have you should go to the AdSense website / adsense and apply for an account. You should read AdSense Terms and Conditions and agree to them. Make sure your site or blog meets them  or your application will be rejected.

When your account is approved you can log in. After you log in you will be at a page that will show you your AdSense earnings.

A ovwerview of how your AdSense advertising is doing is doing can be accessed at a report page. This helps in improving your website in terms of layout or content in order to increase earnings.

Your AdSense account also has a setup section. Setup section is where you generate ad code. AdSense ad code is a code that you paste on your website or blog in order to have AdSense ads and banners displayed. You can also plase AdSense search box on your site.

You also have the “My Account” tab. This tab contains your account and your payment details. Here you can update your information.

When using AdSense you should make a choice between ad units and link units. Ad units contain text or can contain both a text and an image. The link units only have certain types of links. Which one of this units converts better is different for every site. To determine which one is better for your site or blog you should experiment. You should also note that Google allows three ad units and one link unit per webpage.

Next thing you must do is select the ad format and colors. One of great thing about AdSense ads is their customization. You can customize the ad format and color of the ads you wish to display on your website in order to blend them in the webpage. You should also experiment with the ad design to see what for mats converts best.

After you have chosen the types of ads you wish to place on your website AdSense will generate a code for them. What you need to do next is copy the JavaScript and paste on your webpage.

Now that you placed AdSense code on your site Google crawlers will crawl your website and display relevant ads.

When you do all this things you are done Those are the steps necessary to start making money with Google AdSense. It only requires a few minutes to to have AdSense ads up and running on your website or blog. This ease of implementing AdSense is what makes it so popular and the first choice of all publishers.