Positive Thinking (24208)Though there are many reasons of frustration and anxiety but the most important is our own attitude. A little change in behavior can lead to peace and better life.

Depression and frustration are two intensive diseases which make our life restless and unhappy. The main factors of depression are included; Personal behaviors, environmental pressure, job duties, family influence, society and most importantly our own thinking. Environmental pressures can be reduced or overcome by many ways e.g. by changing job, by moving to healthy places, by migrating to other city/state or country, by law, or by discussing with friends and family. But to change the attitude is a difficult task.

Attitude is our image that we position in the society like brands. Attitude refers to; how we think, talk and move in the society. Other people judge our personality through our attitude. So there is a need to work on it. Attitude is developed through consistent behaviors. If we response to a particular situation in a similar way many times then it is called attitude. Our family background, environment, friends and society that we live in matter a lot in developing our unique attitude.

The first step in changing attitude involves 'knowing about self'. You have to know about yourself and agree to the comments given by your friends and family about yourself. You can't be changed unless you accept your personality faults and negativity attached to your attitude. For making judgment about yourself fairly, you can get help from your close friends, family members and relatives.

Write down your strengths and weaknesses and then prioritize them according to their importance in your life. Start from strengths and try to enhance those qualities that have great impacts on your personality. E.g. if you are good manager than focus on improving your expertise in management related activities instead of getting knowledge on how to become a good leader, scientist, doctor, or marketer.

Try to eliminate those weaknesses that are in your control. People waste most of their time in getting solutions of those problems that are out of their control. You cannot become a good singer if you have bad vocal and similarly if you have weak eyesight then don't put efforts on becoming a Pilot.

Positive thinking is the key to success. So start thinking positively and try to enjoy the moments you are in rather than always planning for future. Care those who care you, love your friends and family. Try to help people that are needy. Don't waste time in doing activities which you have no interest. You can make your life more peaceful and comfortable by spending time on yourself – knowing your attitude and thinking positively.