My journey through the beginnings of InfoBarrel:

                I will be updating this every two weeks to track my progress and any tips or tricks that I feel could be used by everyone as a beginner. I myself have just begun my online journey and am still learning the ropes of SEO advertising and back linking myself. My plan is to begin writing 4-5 articles daily with different approaches to different topics to see how each deliver.

                To begin I would like to mention that if you have recently registered and are having a tough time navigating through the website or have any questions that are not answered by the FAQ section, than the forum is the place to be. The forum on IB is truly remarkable for beginners. Most people that frequent the forum are willing to help new writers find their groove and get a running start, and I plan to become more engulfed into the society as my journey materializes into a career.

                As I am writing this article, I currently have three articles waiting to be edited by the editorial staff, and one has finally been published!  A trick that I have read and learned about already is to not constantly check the views and amounts of your articles. I feel quite obligated to check how many views there are every day, or multiple times per day rather, and feel quite upset when there have only been one or two views since the last time I checked the site.  One cannot wake-up and instantly have 1,000+ page views overnight (at least not at my intro level). Be patient and confident in your writing and as long as you are publishing unique content the views are bound to appear.

                A tip I have for beginner writers to IB is to pick articles that are genuinely appealing to you to write. There are different niches can earn larger amounts of money than others, but to write an article about travel or leisure when you have no passion for that can be disheartening. It truly is a good feeling to pump out an article that requires no research, due to your already stirring passion, and realize you wrote a 1,500 word article without even realizing it.

                I will continue to write the articles, what challenges I come across as a writer and the tips and tricks I use to overcome them. And of course they will be posted in my update to make the transition to a full time IB writer.

                Please feel free to comment on any ideas or comments with or against what I have posted!