Baubles are just one more headache


Everything will be ready on time.

You can shop around and perhaps get some good bargains.

There will be time to make decorations, cakes and the like yourself.

You should be less stressed than if you leave everything until the last minute.

There is far more choice in the shops earlier in the holiday season.


Occasionally there are really good last minute bargains.

You may not have enough cash yet.

If you buy chocolates and alcohol now, you may be tempted to eat and drink it now.

Full Review

Six weeks from today, 13th November, it will be Christmas Day.

When you think about it like that, there is not much time left for you to complete your Christmas preparations, is there? With cards to write, gifts to buy, decorations to sort, menus to plan, travel arrangements to make, parcels to post and, possibly, so much more you are going to be one busy guy or gal, aren't you?

This is why, really, today is a perfect starting point, assuming that you have not began your Christmas preparartions already.

Food and Drink

If you are planning on baking your own traditional Christmas Cake and Christmas pudding you will need to get cracking. Both of these would be best made early. You could always leave the cake decoration until nearer the actual festivities. Mince pies and the like can be baked over the next few weeks and then frozen until Christmas Eve.

Make a list of the extras and luxuries, that you are hoping to enjoy during the holiday season, and start bagging some bargains. At this time of year many supermarkets are offering great deals to entice you to buy. Watch out for sell by dates though. If you buy something that will be past its sell by date, long before Christmas, you will not have really bought a bargain.

Finally make sure that you have ample space to store these extra food and drink items, and that you will not consume them before Christmas arrives.

Travel arrangements

Whether you are receiving visitors from out of town, or it is you doing the visiting, the travel arrangements will need to be in place early. Reduced public transport, extra traffic on the roads, bad weather and problems with drunken drivers could all scupper your plans. Plan ahead and be safe and not sorry.

Holidays from work

If you would like to take annual leave from work, in addition to the statutory holidays, remember to book them nice and early. If you wait until the last minte you may find that colleagues have beaten you to it and any extra leave is not possible.

Planning your Christmas Menu.

This too can save you time and effort in the long run. Once you know what you want to serve you can start to shop around and make sure that you pay the best price for your fare.

Research the Internet for good Christmas based recipes and experiment a little before Christmas. This will help to prevent disasters on the day. However you need to remember that Christmas is all about fun. Do not take this holiday season too seriously. If you forget something, such as the mince pies, the sky will not fall in. If you have planned ahead you will be bound to have something else which will suffice.

If you are going to have a house full of friends and relatives for the Christmas lunch now may be a good time to consider your seating arrangements. It may also be a good time to borrow any extra chairs necessary.

Writing and posting the Christmas cards, wrapping the gifts and posting any parcels.

Now is the perfect time to do all of the above. If you have friends and family who live in another part of the country, or in a far flung corner of the world, the last posting time will be quite soon. Check this out with your local posting service.

Over the years writing Christmas cards can become such a pain. However if you do this early it will not be so bad. If you really do not want to send any cards, at work for example, think about getting together and sending a donation to a charity. You could all agree on the charity and a joint donation may end up quite substantial.

The tree and decorations.

It is a little early for the tree and decorations. However if money is tight you may want to try and shop around or perhaps try your hand at making some decorations yourself. There is so much information on-line that may help you.


Don't forget your pets, in your Christmas plans. Perhaps they will need to go into kennels, or the like, for a couple of days if you are going away. Book early as places will be limited and you want to book your pet into the best place available.

In Closing


Of course there is so much more. Hopefully this brief article has inspired you to start thinking about your Christmas preparations, now.

With so much to do and so many pulls on our time these days, Christmas can easily become just one extra chore. This is not what it should be about.

Remember that old saying:-

He who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Well in many ways this could be you if you leave your Christmas preparations until the very last minute. Make it easy on yourself and make a start today.