Work from the comfort of your home Selling Scentsy Candles? What makes them so different from the rest of the candles on the market?

These are the questions I first asked myself when I heard about this particular company. Being a freelancer myself (not through Scentsy or any candle company) and wanting to keep up on what is working for work at home moms (WAHM) and dads (WAHD), I felt it was something I had to look into. After long discussions with a few representatives, customers and after being sent a few samples I was satisfied and comfortable enough to add this to my work from home list of keepers. - Now, on to what you need to know about Scentsy!

This modern day technology provides you with safe, soot free, flameless candles that leave your rooms filled with a wonderfully fragrant aroma. With so many self-selling features you can't go wrong choosing Scentsy as your home based candle business.

Scentsy candle business start up costs - When starting up your work from home candle selling business Scentsy offers you a cheap and easy start up cost of only $99. This cost includes: party testers, catalogs, business cards, order forms, 3 months-free website and more.

Candle business selling options - You have many options with your home based candle business. You can sell strictly: online; through parties; person to person; phone; or you can combine any number of these options depending on what suits you and your work from home business lifestyle best.

Recurring costs for your home based candle business- After your initial start up costs the only recurring cost you run into is a $10 website fee (after 3 months free) and any product you decide to carry on hand. -There are NO monthly minimums on what you have to order and are only expected to meet a low-quota once every 3 months.

Earning with your at home candle business - You will earn a commission on all of your sales, starting at 20% and going as high as 39%. You earn off of your down-line and are rewarded for parties that are booked through parties you started. Not to mention you also have the ability to earn free and discount items that you are free to do what you wish with and if you choose to be a Scentsy candle hostess you can earn other great rewards.

Why sell Scentsy flameless candles? Well if the information above has not already got you interested here are some other reasons to consider selling Scentsy candles: candles always will and have been an extremely popular item; Scentsy offers a unique product that stands out over the rest; Scentsy candles are safer and cleaner. Great smelling candles use to be hard to find -now you've found them.

If you are ready to get started you first need to sign up under a representative, who will help you get started and be there to answer any questions you may have. Included is this link to Scentsy where you can check out their products, additional information and find a consultant who can answer any additional questions you have about getting started.