Getting Started a Home Bible Study

A family with lots of members such as mine, with my 7 children often-times finds it extremely hard to drive to other people's houses or even to the Church to attend bible study, however this night of learning is very important, so building a home study group becomes a priority to families such as these. Many home groups are great for people to get together with other families to discuss the bible and to worship God in their own neighborhoods and to allow the children to take part in the programs. So I decided to share with you what you will want to do to have a great home study group and how to make the experience fun for the children.

Bible Study

Choose a room that is big enough for the meeting

If your home is small, the dining room table or the living room with additional seating is probably going to be the perfect place for your home bible study. Making sure that your guests are comfortable and the flow of the room allows you to be able to face each other is a great way to have a family environment in your group. If your home is larger or you have a large family room or even a finished basement, you will be able to accommodate more people by setting up chairs and a podium space for the speaker, which means you can invite more people in your neighborhood to the nights study.

Provide Refreshments

Depending on how long your Bible study is going to go, you may want to provide some type of refreshments. Snack food, coffee, soda, and juice will make a hungry group of Christians very happy. It does not have to be fancy, just a snack to keep everyone from getting hungry and it allows them to study without the distraction of a growling stomach. This is also great for children because you can actually allow them to help with the process and they love making things during these types of activities. A friend of mine and her children made these neat wafers that they said was manna while they were teaching bible study, so they also made the snacks a part of the demonstration for the class which allow the children to participate.

Bible Study at Home

Choose A Podcast Video

If you are unfamiliar with building a curriculum for your home bible study classes, you may want to choose podcasts made by trusted Christian Pastors who have a lesson that you can show your class. These classes should include something that you think would be a great topic that your class would understand and have a message that God would approve of.

Choose a Bible Study Curriculum

For many, the amount of study and what to study can be a very daunting thing when dealing with a home bible study, however it is always good to either choose a good bible study curriculum or to find a good outline that will help to keep you on track. There are several online programs that provide bible study for your private group as well as online bible schools that will give you the materials that you can use to give your bible study participants a great and often in-depth biblical education. Choose one where you have no problem understanding the meaning and it is easy for you to explain, in case your students have questions that were not answered in the study. Be prepared with passages to backup any information you received from the curriculum you are using. Here is a list of good bible curriculum for your to use for your home bible study class.

1. Bible Study Guide for all Ages

2. Life Way Lessons

3. Zondervan Bible Studies

4. Christian Book

5. Ministry Point

Design Questions for Your Class

The last thing you must do is to design questions for your class to do overnight, these will cause your class to come up with answers from their reading and remember their work. It is very important for the people to learn and relearn the bible so make the questions harder so they can think up great things while working on their work.