A Junk Car Removal business can be very profitable. In many areas there are laws and regulations that do not allow cars to be parked for an extended period of time if they do not run. You can start a junk car removal business and help these people by removing there vehicle that is so junky it is no longer worth repairing. You provide the service of removing there junk vehicle for free and then you can make money off of it by salvaging anything that be valuable such as parts, fenders, radios etc. You can then sell the remaining car for a small amount too a salvage yard who will then smash and recycle the vehicle.

Junk Car RemovalYou can also pay a small amount to each person who has you remove a car. Regardless of whether you are given the car or you pay the car owner an amount of money you will make a profit on each and every car you remove.

You can also remove trucks, trailers, boats, and motorcycles. Regardless of the condition of the vehicle you can at least salvage the metal to sells as scrap metal. A tow truck will work for the business but you will want to have a car hauler. Many junk vehicles you come across will not be able to be towed so you will have to load them onto the car hauler.

When you remove junk cars you will generally sell the metal for scrap and salvage any parts you can that may be able to be sold to people who need similar parts for there own personal vehicle. Other cars you remove and pay the customer for may have major repairs needed such as a new engine. If you have access to an experienced mechanic then you may have the new engine and or other necessary repairs done and then you can resell the vehicle for a profit. Other times the costs of the repairs will exceed the amount you could resell the car for. In these cases you resell the car as is to a person who can do the necessary repairs such as installing a new engine into the junk vehicle.

A junk car removal business can be very fun and exciting. You will meet many different people and you will not always be tied to a desk. The work can also be very challenging. Although you have the pulleys and hoists that will help pull the jun vehicles onto your car hauler you will still get dirty at times. The work can be physical as you may have to crawl underneath the vehicle and help move any obstacles that are in the path of parking the car hauler in front of the vehicle to be towed.

The biggest expense in starting a junk car removal business is the cost of purchasing a car hauler. You will also need to advertise heavily after you first open up your junk car removal business. Potential customers will always call your competitors if the do not know that you exist. Image Credit: (Flickr/Matti Matilla)