A Great Marketing Tool For Every Photographer

It seems as if almost everyone has a Facebook account anymore except grandma and grandpa, and thus it is more important than ever for your photography business to have a prominent and active role on this social networking site.  Use the steps outlined below to help you create an effective Facebook business page. 

Getting Started On Facebook

After you create a personal Facebook account, you can create a “local business” page that will serve as your photography on Facebook.  This business page functions very similarly to a personal Facebook page—you can update your status, share links, and more importantly you can create photo galleries. 

When you first start you business page, be sure to fill out all of your vital information, which includes a name, website, address, and description.  Before you begin publicizing your website, be sure to upload at least one photo gallery and try to share one relevant link regarding your photography or photography in general.  With this content on your Facebook page, people will be more likely to “like” your site when you send invites.

Initially, your Facebook page will have a seemingly random URL.  Thankfully, it is very easy to change your Facebook URL to something like www.facebook.com/examplephotobusiness.  Be careful though, once you change your URL you can never change it to something else. 


  • After creating a Facebook Business Page, input all of your vital business information.
  • Add some content like links or photo galleries before you begin to publicize your site. 
  • Change your URL to your business name.  Remember though, this URL is permanent.

Publicizing Your Facebook Business Page

After you have uploaded content, it is time to start publicizing your page.  The first and initially most effective way to get new fans is to invite all of your Facebook friends to your page.  Depending on how many “friends” you have, this initial invite could gain you hundreds of new fans to your business page.  Ultimately, your goal is to have these people click the “like” button on the top of your business page.  Once someone likes your page, they are essentially the same as personal Facebook friends and will receive updates every time you post something to your business page. 

As you get more business, be sure to publicize your Facebook page in email signatures, business cards, or just by the word of mouth.  Hopefully, your clients will become fans and will help share your photography business with their friends. 

Another method to gain more fans is through the Facebook advertising program.  Facebook ads can be very effective because they are targeted.  For example, if you shoot engagement and wedding photos, you can specify that your ad will only be shown to engaged women who live in your area.  It is then your hope that these people will click-through to your Facebook page and consider you to photograph their wedding.  


  • Invite your family and friends to “like” your business page. 
  • Publicize you page in email signatures, on business cards, and by word of mouth. 
  • Consider creating targeted ads on Facebook to direct more traffic to your site. 


How To Make Your Business Page Successful

Create a Landing Page

On Facebook, first time visitors to your business can be taken to a landing page instead of your profile.  Every good landing page should include a solicitation to hit the like button on the top of the page.  This is will help get more people to become fans of your site. 

Upload Content After Every Portrait Session

This seems pretty self-evident, but you should upload content after every portrait session you shoot.  You do not have to upload photographs to Facebook the night of the portrait session, but it should take no longer than a week to post something on Facebook. 

You have two options to promote your portrait session.  If you have a blog, you can promote your post via a link on Facebook.  Or, you can simply upload some photos to a photo gallery.  You should create photo galleries on Facebook whether you have a blog or not.

Upload Content On A Regular Schedule

Even if you do not have a portrait session to promote, you should maintain an active posting schedule to maintain client interest and to drive traffic to your business.  You could post links to photography related articles or just post pictures from portrait sessions from years or months ago.  It really does not matter.  You just want to stay in front of people’s faces. 

During slower times of the year, like in winter, you could post a Facebook coupon.  Maybe you have a “Facebook Special,” and offer 20% off a portrait session.  Or, you could give a coupon code to use at your photo sharing website.  This is a great way to keep interest, but more importantly, it will drive you more business. 

Be sure to set goals for yourself.  Write down what days that you will upload something to Facebook and stick to it.  It is very important that you write these down.  This will hold you more accountable to yourself and will give you a goal to shoot for every week.  Also, there are certain days every week when people tend to be on Facebook more often.  Experiment on the days and times you upload content to Facebook so maximize your traffic.

Encourage People To Comment

When you upload content to your business page, encourage your fans to make comments.  This will create a more engaged group of actual and potential clients who are in some way invested in your photography.  Be sure to reply to every comment.  This will show that you care for them and it will allow them to get to know you on a more personal level. 

The Power Of Facebook Contests

Facebook photography contests are great ways to encourage active engagement in your business page, and it will also dramatically increase your “likes.”  Many photographers will post pictures from previous photo sessions and will offer prizes for the picture that gets the most comments. 

For example, a photographer could post a photo from each wedding they shot throughout the year.  They will then offer a free canvas print (or something of the like) to the couple that gets the most comments on their photo.  These couples will then turn around and email their family asking them to comment on their photo.  The catch here is that comments can only be made by people who “like” their page.  Thus, these photographers get many, many more likes on their page and their online profile is dramatically increased.