Suggestions For Online Photo Galleries

One of the most important aspects of a photographer’s online presence is client access to photo galleries.  After you have a photo session, clients will want to see their photographs online in a timely manner.  Thankfully, there are a number of different ways to upload photographs online including Facebook, a blog, and on other photo sharing sites.  Your client’s access to photos via these websites will help you further succeed as a photographer in this computer age. 

Here are a few suggestions to help you increase your online presence as a professional photographer. 

Create a Facebook Photography Page

Today, just about everyone has a personal Facebook page except for the technologically illiterate.  Like it or not, Facebook is here to stay, and thus every photographer must have a Facebook business presence to actively promote their work.

Before you can create a business page, you must first have a personal account on Facebook.  Once you have your personal account, you must then create a “local business” page and enter all of your vital business information.  Now, with an established Facebook business page, it is time for the fun stuff. 

A business page on Facebook operates just like a personal page.  You can share links, update your status, and you can upload photo galleries.  Each time you do anything on your Facebook page it will be publicized to everyone who “likes” your business.  This means that you can drive more traffic to your main website or blog with Facebook updates.  As you get more likes, your business will gain more exposure, and your online empire will grow. 

Sometimes, people will find your Facebook business page before they even look at your main webpage.  Facebook also has the added bonus that people are familiar with it.  Anyone with a personal account should know how to view photos and comment—but they may not have this luxury on your website or blog. 

In short, Facebook is a great tool to get your photos in front of an even wider audience.  If you work is good, a Facebook business page will drive more business to you, and it will help to ensure your future success as a photographer.


  • Create a Facebook photography page now!
  • Upload photo galleries and other content to get people interested. 
  • Once you have some content on you page, start publicizing yourself.  Invite all of your family and friends to your page and tell them to invite their family and friends. 
  • Upload content at least once a week.  This will keep traffic coming to your Facebook page and in turn to your main website or blog. 

Blogging—Instantly Share Your Photographs

A blog is an essential aspect to every photography business.  If you do not have a blog, you need to create one now.  Simply, it is the easiest and quickest way to update your current and potential clients about your photography.  After each of your photo sessions, you should upload a few pictures to your blog and share this post with your clients.  You clients will usually turn around and send out emails to their family and friends showing off their new pictures.  This will drive more traffic to your blog, and it will increase the likelihood of capturing new clients. 

After each of your photo sessions, whether a family session or a wedding, you should upload a few of the best photos to your blog.  Do not feel overwhelmed though.  You do not need to upload and enhance a significant number of your files—keep it to just a few.  If you pick out only the best photos, this will piqué the interest of your clients and their families.  They want to see their photos now (especially being in the digital age) and a blog is a quick and easy way to do this. 

Many photographers prefer to structure their blog as a main webpage, which is indeed a very good option for any profession.  If these photographers are set up with a good blogging platform and theme, they can upload files to online photo galleries on their blog just like they would on a main webpage.  On a blog, it is just easier and simpler to create photo galleries than on a static website since you do not need to get into online coding or uploading. 


  • Create a blog to quickly and easily share your latest portraits.
  • Try to create a blog post a few days after every one of your portrait sessions.  This will help keep interest up in your site and will help spread the word about your business.
  • Consider a blog that acts as your main website.  Updating and creating photo galleries is much easier than on static websites. 

Photo Sharing Sites—Publish and Profit From Your Photographs

Once you have the blog and Facebook pages up and running, photographers should seriously consider opening an account with online photo sharing sites that allow customers to purchase photos online.  These sites will give you another way greater amounts of photos to share with your clients while also giving you another way to monetize and profit from your business.  Many photo sharing sites also offer password protected photo galleries, which is a great feature to offer your clients.

A number of good photo sharing sites exist online.  To find the best one for you, search for, Smugmug, ACI, Pictage, and Zenfolio reviews.  Each of these websites offers online photo galleries and print purchase options.  Most often, these sites will be used to either upload proofs from a photography session or to upload edited and completed photos from a session.  Be sure that you know and understand how print pricing on each site works.  Sites like ACI and Zenfolio allow you to setup pricing markups for profit.

All of these websites display your galleries a little differently, but you as their customer have a lot of control over the design of your photo galleries.  Thus, it is very easy to adjust colors, add logos, and add information to connect these online galleries to the branding of your business. 


  • Sign up for an online photo gallery sharing site that allows you to share and profit from your photographs. 
  • Set up a print pricing plan consistent with your business.  If set up correctly, you can make big profits from print sales. 
  • Create password protected galleries for your clients to privately view their photos.  This will give your customers a piece of mind to know that their photos are not on view to everyone. 
  • Adjust the design of your photo galleries to be cohesive with your business branding.