Are you struggling to write articles?

YOU: yes / no / maybe

I understand if you are yes or maybe, it took a while for me to start article writing, I wasn’t too sure if people would like me, if I was no good at article writing or if people even cared about what I write. My biggest barrier was what to write about, creating enough content, creating good content.

First of all here is how I generate ideas, think of what you know and like, would it interest the reader, could I write enough about this. I always go through this process and if I’ve ran out of things I like. I would look around the room and write done what you see. I see a pen drive, a key ring, laptop, paper and microwave. Are you wondering what’s the purpose, maybe you could write an article about, “How useful pen drives are!” or, “How pointless pen drives are!” but before writing that I would, think of what they do, how they do it, pros, cons and how it would impact the reader. If you don’t know what they do, how they do it, look it up on Google. You could also add links to sellers of pen drives or rant about how bad they are.

Secondly let’s think of how we can get past the stage of thinking, should I write an article? I think you should, not only for money but it gets your creative side going. Also as you write more your standard of grammar, diction and speed of writing increase. When I started writing I realised I put in, “The the” in, or sometimes I used “u” instead of you, as I wrote more I realised my mistakes decreased in number. The thing that was holding me back, was me! What I realised was nothing’s going to get done for you; you have to get of your butt and do it yourself. After I wrote my first article I was proud because it was mine and mine alone!

Finally lets think of what you need to start article writing and make money. You need a pen, paper, PC, an Adsense account for Ads on your article and InfoBarrel. Remember money doesn’t come instantly it will take a while because not everyone is going to go to your article, read it and click on an ad then leave.

The other thing is this is passive income. So it’s been written and posted and a year later you could be still making money from it. I just think that’s amazing!  

Hopefully this helped you make a decision on article writing!

Thanks for reading!