Getting To The Next Level


You did it, you finally chose to get that offer at the gym for the 1 month or 12 months membership. They convinced you that you need a personal trainer or your success will be very limited. You're a beginner and when your just starting out in the gym, you can be very vulnerable to the wrong information even if it looks like the right information.

As a beginner, there's a big chance you don't know who to listen to or what to actually do when you step on the floor of the torture chamber... I mean state of the art gym facility. 

If you're a beginner in the gym, you've likely done the fitness test or an assessment to figure out your level of fitness or your status of health.


They either told you that you're overweight, underweight or just at a healthy weight, and you're likely going to be given a little sample program of what exercises to do and how many sets of each.

If you're underweight and you're looking to gain as much muscle as possible in the most efficient and quickest way, you're going to be looking up to those muscle hulks who are showing off their muscles to themselves in the mirror.

Big Arms In The MirrorCredit:

There's so many things you can assume about those people and you're probably going to do what they do because that's how they got jacked right? Actually, no, wrong. 

If you're going to do what the advanced trainee's do in the gym, you're going to set yourself up for failure. And if you're doing what the gym offers you in those sample programs, you're likely going to give up because they are probably boring and the same program that they give to everyone else in the gym. This is where it gets confusing because obviously you can't follow and copy someone who's been training for years and expect the same results. 

This is where my passion comes in, and honestly when you get the hang of what information is right and wrong, you start to realize its just common sense!

It's not rocket science and it's nothing new or just discovered as you may have noticed in the magazines of fitness advertisements, well they are actually fitness magazines of how to go from zero to hero. But they usually beat around the bushes and expect you to do what Arnold does, a million sets and 5 hours of steady pumping iron. As a natural, that's impossible.

That's where you use your head, you can teach a baby to walk but you can expect it to walk from the very first day. 

That's what fitness and health is, baby steps. Be realistic about your goals, and don't be too hard on your self when you look at your biceps in the mirror and realize they haven't grown from the one month program.

Maybe you won't need to train harder, but smarter. You have more than one source of information as someone who is striving to improve themselves in every possible way either in the gym or in the kitchen.

Take advantage of the technology you have in front of you today. Don't have a computer? No excuses go to the library, use to find information. But don't be closed-minded and stick to one website as it may be misleading. You may want to stick to forums and websites that have the reputation of legit information for people of your status of fitness.



I went from standing from 130 lb's in high school to 180 lb's with approx 14% body fat. And I could have done it more efficient and faster if I had the information I had today back then. As a beginner, keep an open mind, you will always find new things to try and when it doesn't work, be smart and find another solution.

This Is Me NowCredit: Me This is me in 2003/4

That's me after one year of trying to gain them big arms!!


You may be after a big chest, but keep in mind that when you work your back or legs, it will be beneficial to your body as a whole. 

Whether you're a female after the abs, or a dude after the big arms, you should consider working out every muscle especially the big ones. When you are after the big ones, all the smaller ones come into play and will start to show more than they would if you were just sticking to a few exercises to only a few muscles.

There's so much I can tell you and there's so much to learn even for someone who is advanced and elite in the fitness field because there's always new things and it takes a while to start learning and applying those things. 

If you have suggestions or questions for my next article, I will write it with my heart and let you know everything you need to know for that question or suggestion. 

Just remember, EVERYONE starts from zero. Unless they are not from this planet. 

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