Starting Ideas for Cinderella Party Favors for Preteen Girls

The legendary Cinderella is a near perfect theme for your daughter's birthday party. After all, she is one of the most revered characters in history among girls and represents a lot of their qualities. If you have decided to throw such a party, let us look at some of the Cinderella party favors that you would like to gift the girls attending the party.

You want to create a nice little goodie bag to put in all the favors. Goodie bags could be of many different kinds. You could go the full Monty create or buy silk woven goodie bags or get crafty and make bags from colored papers. For a bit of variation, you could add princesses other than Cinderella such as Jasmine or even Aurora.

The next stop if, of course, the venerable necklaces, adored by all girls alike. Necklace designs give you a lot of room for creativity. Experiment with different designs, shapes. Even the lockets could be different for everybody so that they feel unique. Lockets can be designed as small hearts or replicas of Cinderella or anything creative really.

Next come rings, those round little beauties which are things of pride for girls. Rings can be made of imitation jewels. Of course, the jewels can be replaced by other innovative ideas such as hearts and Cinderella replicas. The more different you get, the more delighted the girls will be. Small novelties here and there are the way to go.

Cinderella party favors need not always be the standard fare. Do different things and come up with original and unexpected ideas to surprise the attendees. Dispensers, for example, are a novelty for all girls. Just pair them with Cinderella then watch their delight. Dispensers are, after all, one of the treasures for girls.

Think about what preteen girls do on a daily basis. Link your party favors to those activities. Combs, for example are an indispensible part of any girl kitty. Add Cinderella to the mix and you get a Cinderella themed comb.

Girls also enjoy role playing games a lot. Hair dressing their respective dolls is a very common part of such activities. Hence, miniature Cinderella combs would make for delightful gifts for the girls. Again, you are including things that the girls can integrate with what they already do.

The purse is an extension of any girl's personality and so it is practically a no brainer to include one or even some of these into the party goodie bags. Give something different to each of the girls so that they can differentiate themselves from others. At the same time, the common Cinderella theme will give them some common ground.

The ideas for Cinderella party favors given here are just warm-up stuff. Come to think about it and you will find there are unlimited ideas that you can come up with on your own. You don't need to do exactly what is told here. Come up with personal ideas that will increase the recall value of your daughter's birthday party among those who attend it.