First, I want to congratulate you on making one of the best decisions in your life. If you are reading this article, then you have demonstrated that you want to increase your life earning potential and find a stable, rewarding career by going to college. College will be one of the greatest experiences of your life. You will meet many new people, develop into a responsible young adult, and develop friendships and relationships that will last you a lifetime. College on the other hand, can be very overwhelming and difficult if you don't stay on top of your priorities. Having been in college for three and half years and being on track to graduate a semester from now, I thought I would provide you with valuable tips that I have picked up throughout my college career that will benefit any incoming college freshman. Read on to learn how to get your college career off to a great start and how to be a successful college student.

Its important that you develop the mentality that school is your job. If you go to college with the mindset that you school is an investment and treat it like a business then you are without a doubt going to be successful. This means adopting a 9-5 work mentality and making sure you get up early, are going to class and taking good notes, and you are studying your notes and reading your text books until it's dinner time. Treat it like you are already into your career. You should study as much possible as this will help you earn good grades in all of your classes all throughout college. Look at college as being the one shot job opportunity that will prevent you from having a mediocre job for the rest of your life.

It's important that you have a great study spot in which you can get quality, undisturbed study time done. This was something I utilized early in college. This place should be somewhere that is quiet and secluded from people who may disturb you. By doing this, you will make the most of your time and get better study results without having constant distractions.

Make it a point to take at least 15 credit hours each semester. It doesn't help to just sign up for this many credits each semester. You also have to pass these classes with a C average or better or it won't count towards graduation. 15 credit hours every semester from your freshman year until your senior year equates to about 120 hours. Most degrees require that you complete around 120 credit hours give or take in order to graduate. If you are discpiplined enough and can handle the course load, then consider taking 18 credit hours a semester. By doing this you may be able to graduate early and save yourself from possibly having to take out more student loans to pay for your last semester or two all because you accelerated your course load.

Sit in the front seat each and every class. This one is not so important but it can definitely help you get better grades and also it lets your professors get to know your face and see that you are in attendance to class on everday and on time. Who cares what your friends may think. By sitting in the front of the class room, you force yourself to pay attention to the professor and you can concentrate more. The professor will get to know your face and name more as a result and when it comes time to give out final grades and you are on the borderline and are trying to get the higher grade or if you need to discuss a test score, you will be much more effective with convincing the professor to side with you.

In conclusion, if you stay focused while in college and remember what you are in school for then you will be graduating in no time with top honors. Good Luck and work hard!