Many people dream of becoming their own boss one day with the ability to choose when and how much work they will do. While this would be nice, it seems like an unattainable goal. Most people will associate owning a business with rich people and think if you don't have money, then you cannot own a business. This is why the idea of starting a candy vending machine business is fantastic. It allows those with little money to start their own company.

When starting this process, it is wise to setup a strategy. When I am planning a candy vending machine business, I will start researching the different types of candy machines available. There are many types to choose from with new machines starting at 150 dollars. You can also find used machines for sell for less than 100 dollars. I prefer the small machines that allow for three varieties of candy. After finding the machines you will use, you must decide on a type of candy to put inside them. It is best to purchase large bags of candy at wholesale prices to help save money and earn more products. I would recommend buying a sweet candy, a salty snack, and a chocolate candy. After deciding on candy and type of machine, it is time to find places to place your vending machines.

This is probably the hardest step in starting your candy vending machine business. A lot of people can get intimidated by the thought of walking into a building and asking for permission to set their vending machine inside. Just remember the worst that can happen is for them to say, "No". If that hapens, then move on to the next building. Depending on how much money you have available, try to find anywhere from one to ten locations to use for your vending machine business route. I recommend trying to find a main street in your city or town, where most of the business's are located. The best buildings to target are the ones that usualy have people in a waiting room. This could be your local DMV or an auto repair shop. This is a pefect situation for your candy vending machines. A room full of bored individuals will produce some new customers for you. Another place to target are places with lots of children around. Look for some places that have activities for children in the evening. This could be a local gymnastics center or a karate school. When you locate a potential site for your candy vending machine, you go in and ask to speak with the owner or manager. When this person arrives, ask them if you may put your vending machine in their building. Most people will want something in return for using their building. Offering 15% of all profits is usually the standard and you could push for only 10%. After finding your locations, purchase your machines and candy that you have already researched and place them where you want.

After all the hard work, your candy vending machine business is up and running and requires little of your time. Because you are using small, candy vending machines, there will hardly be any maintenance problems that will cost you money to fix. Also, your income will be a passive income. This is great because you put in all of the work at the beginning and now you can sit back and collect money. The only work required is to go one day a week to all of your vending machines and empty the coin collector and refill the candy. Pay attention to which locations are making more sells and experiment with different candy to see what sells more. After successfully completing this, you should be more confident in your business knowledge and can move up to bigger projects.