Starting a buisness we know takes so much work. Any type of business will take time and effort in order to make it successful. So one must think what are some skills I have that could create an income for me? There are many skills you can have to make money one I want to share is cleaning for money.

This can be done rather cheaply if you want to work on the side so to speak. They right way is to get insurance but you could start off small by doing it for family and friends first and see if it is something you even want to do.

Also most general cleaning can be done with the supplies you already own so profit can come rather quickly as well. You can set certain rates like ten dollars an hour or you can do it by job as well which is like a bid or an estimate.

I suggest that you research all these options to see if a cleaning business may work for you. I say it is one of those businesses that have a somewhat low start cost and get be started rather quick too. I know in these times we live in it is so hard to make money or even keep or find a job. Even though that is the case there are still people that need help with daily living needs and this could make you the money you need in order to keep going till you find a job or even get back on the job.

Lastly please consider if you were on the other end when hiring someone to clean your home or office? Think about how well you want the job done and what you would be willing to pay, thinking about the customer and putting them first will get your name out there as well as create great wealth and happy customers!