Writers Group

It’s easy to start a creative writing group. It’s also beneficial to present your work to an audience for preview before publishing. Think of a catchy name for your organizations so it will seem attractive to join.  Find a home for your meetings.  Try libraries, colleges and schools for places to meet. Most of these public places will have a room that any group can use to hold meetings like these.

Post your organization for your county and state in the newspaper or online. Most counties have numerous of these listed on line for any state. Yahoo has a special group database and there is also Meetup online which is organized with a small monthly fee. Your writing club should be listed in a specific category.  Small town papers are best for posting this kind of ad to get locals to come.

Charge a small membership fee on a yearly basis. This will cover printing of materials, and upkeep of the names and addresses of the group members and any other costs involved.

This writing group can be a great resource for everyone involved. Everyone can bring something they are working on or have finished. It’s best if each person bring a copy for each member. Only constructive criticism is expected.

Once the club has grown to a comfortable size, the leader or event planner can incorporate contests, have a group publishing, promote conventions, and plan outings of any kind.

When you have a sizeable group, you may want to appoint a treasurer, an event planner, a secretary or someone to take notes or minutes at the meeting. It would be important to have a treasurer to keep track of the dues.

There is great insight that you get from meeting with others who enjoy writing from all walks of life. You can gain tremendous advice, good or bad. You will be encouraged by other creative writers. Most advice is well intended and can be used to prosper your writing career.

A successful creative writing group will have dedicated members who attend regularly and who will spread the word for your group to other writers so they may join.

As your group grows, you may be forced to seek a bigger home for your group to meet at or you may choose to break the group into smaller groups and meet up altogether on occasion.

Meeting with similar and different types of writers can bring us to a alternate perspective of things and therefore bring more creative ideas to mind.