Starting your own gardening business can seem to be an easy
option for the home gardener looking to start his or own business.

Many businesses start in this manner unaware of the underlying
costs which new business have to contend with.

If you have decided to work cash in hand not only will the
Inland Revenue eventually catch up with you there are also issues with National
Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and business Insurance on your vehicle.

Many customers will be looking for a cheap solution to their
gardening requirements and some will only want to pay cash.

Set yourself apart and be truly professional and sell your
skills correctly there are many  courses
which are available starting with the prestigious Royal Horticulture Society,
starting fees are as little as £195.00.

Being a qualified gardener will set you apart and open doors
to contracts that cash only gardeners will never be able to tender for,

Once qualified you can now advertise and compete for larger
contracts which will take your business to a different level.

As a registered professional with credited qualifications
you will be able to able to have a van fully signed written to promote your
business and also be able to advertise in high end publications

It is very easy to be drawn into the cheap end of any market
and it important to decide where you intend your new business to go.

Most gardeners will only perform in one market the true
professional will work in both Soft and hard landscape.



The planting of shrubs and trees and general grass cutting



The design and construction of gardens including garden
walls, ponds etc.


For the Hard landscape gardener there are plenty of C.A.D.
programmes ( Computer aided design)

Which will make you quotations professional, prospective
customers will expect to have good visuals to help them make decisions.

There is a myth that the lowest price will always get the
job, Be professional and don’t compete in the low end of the market, start
small but always make sure your work is exceptional, always appear to give just
a little more than is expected.

To be successful in any business you need to get your work
from many directions


A Well presented van will attract passers by


Leaflets distributed around the area working


Advertising boards at houses with long drives
when the van cannot be seen


Work hard on recommendations from your customers


On large Contracts at Offices or business premises
look into the possibility of discounts for employees


Finally always have pride in your business and look for
feedback whenever possible, some business can drift into decline through complacency.


Just like your gardens a business can wilt and die through lack
of attention.