Candles seem to be an ever loved and growing trend that makes it a popular idea for those looking to start up a business from home. It often seems that with so many people getting involved in the candle industry and marketing their own home based candle companies, that it would not be a lucrative feat to take on successfully.

That, however, is not the case. There seems to be some new and improved or unique candle idea or design that makes its way into the limelight all the time, not to mention you have the ability to design your own from home. For these reasons and the fact that candles are loved by so many it is definitely a good potential work from home job. You just need to find the candle or candles that fit you best and have the most potential to be a popular selling item for years to come.

Before you start, however, and also to make sure your endeavor is successful you will want to first look over this guide and find out what it takes and everything that should be considered before you jump in. Now, not everything listed in this guide will apply to everyone who is involved in a home based candle company, and actually the majority will apply to those who are looking to make their own.

Research your options for products and marketing before you start up your home based candle company. You need to understand by the end of your research what product(s) you will carry and sell, as well as, what avenues you have available to you to market your candle business and products and the basic costs and requirements for start up.

Here is what you should be researching and finding out before you start up a home business:

• Competitor Pricing - You need to know what they are selling for in order to calculate your price and profit margin on the candles that you sell.
• Advertising & Media Avenues - How will your candle business be advertised and marketed. Will you sell at swap meets, on a website, via online & offline advertisements or through direct sales and marketing techniques? How will you advertise? Will you utilize related forums, search engine ads, free online advertisements, word of mouth, email advertising, mailings or word of mouth?
• Website Requirements and Start Up - What will you need to have a successful site? Do you require a shopping cart, automatic confirmation of order, product pictures, etc.? Will you hire someone professionally to design your site or logo?
• Products - what niche market/product(s) (green candles, scented, flameless, decorative) will you carry? Will you make them yourself or sell retail. Where will (can) you get your products or supplies.
• Cost of Candle Supplies and Products - If making your own candles how much will it cost for all your supplies (wax, color, stir sticks, melting pot, scents, and jars/holders). As a candle retailer will there be a minimum purchase required or a monthly cost?
• Business info - What will you name your home business and or site? -- if using a website. Do you have a creative design or slogan for your candle business that will attract people?
• Orders, Inventory and Processing - How will you keep track of your orders, products, customers and shipping? How will you get your products from your home business to your customers?
• Licensing and copyrights/trademarks - Will you require a business license or a vendor's license? What will it take to make sure no one takes your business name?

Create a Business Plan. If you have done your research then you should be able to easily put together a good plan for your home based candle business. That plan should answer in detail the following:

Marketing & Media: How you plan to advertise and market your candles (business cards, mailings, direct, flyers, online advertising, etc.). Where you intend to market your products from or make them available to your potential customers (website, direct sales, vending, swap meets).

Budget: How much will complete start up cost? This should include advertising, marketing and purchasing your supplies.

Personal Business information: Including any company name, slogan, mission statement, licensing requirements and logos.

Purchase your products or supplies: It is not a bad idea when you are starting off to focus on a few really good products. This way you can test your market and increase your inventory as sales and profits permit.

Put together your inventory and price lists: You will need these before you can start selling and marketing your candles or your home business. You can look into software that can maintain this information for you as well as some websites can be designed to host and track this information right on the site.

Figure out how you will track your sales, inventory, profits, costs, and customers. You may need to purchase a good business software program, such as QuickBooks, that can keep track of this for you.

If you intend on shipping your products from your home to customers then you will want to look into different shipping companies and options to find out who will provide you with the quickest, safest, and most reliable and most cost efficient shipping methods.

Keep in mind that the best price won't always necessarily be the best deal for your business, especially, when shipping a candle which can be quite heat sensitive -- so delivery time is of the essence.

Create your website. If using a website you want to make sure you provide clear pictures and descriptions of your candles and their costs as well as a convenient way to order your products. You also need to make sure your website and URL are catchy and relates well to your candle business to ensure people will remember your site.

Print up business cards and flyers. These will be included with any outgoing order as well as for advertising to new and potential candle lovers. You can hire someone else to create these for you or you can print them up at home using your computer, a printer and some design software.

Start Advertising and Marketing your home based candle business and products. Get out there and pass out some business cards, join a candle lovers forum, throw up some ads on (or other classifieds), blog about it or start a blog about it and feature one type of candle every post-- making sure to include your website address in your posts, email signature and forum signatures.