Get started now with your fitness program

Fitness programCredit: Congratulations! If you're reading this it means that you have decided to begin a fitness program and start working to improve your health and well being. This could be the first step toward a healthier life and a better tomorrow... provided that you can stick to your workout plan. Most of the people that join a gym or a fitness program do actually get really excited at the idea of loosing weight and increase their health. Unfortunately the large majority will probably give up pretty soon, be it for the lack of apparent results, the overwhelming craze of everyday life or rather simply... laziness.


Choosing to get in shape is an important step, but is just the first on the path towards a better health. Your next task is to actually choose a type of training and actually design a good workout program, and a diet. A common error is to jump into the latest fitness trend without taking into consideration whether it is appropriate for your current physical shape and your goals. The choice is really vast, going from the gentle slowness of Hatha Yoga and Thai Chi to the powerful and fat burning (but extremely demanding) PX90 training. Consult a specialist to assess your general physical condition and recommend you a range of appropriate programs. You should also establish a diet plan together with your workout program, as nutrition is an important part of any fitness plan.


Your choice will certainly be oriented also by the objectives that you might want to achieve. Do you want to lose some extra weight or put up some muscles? Are you aiming to achieve pure strength or more flexibility? Is your workout a simple accessory to improve performances in some sport, or simply a way to keep in shape and healthy? Do you desperately need a crash program to get in shape before summer comes, or is it a long term commitment that will gradually grow with you? Take some time to think about it. Write down your main goals and design your own fitness plan with as many details as possible... it will help you to stay focused and motivated in the future.


Whatever is your choice of an actual exercise program, start gradually. Many people want to see great results from the very first day and begin their training at full speed... only to burn out after a few days or weeks at most. The couch potato lifestyle has probably taken quite a toll and your body will need time to grow into an efficient and powerful fitness machine. Start slowly and increase your workout level gradually, and you will be surprised at how fast you will start seeing results with apparently little effort.


If you can, start training with someone else. Exercising with someone else will help you stay on course and motivated, and it's much more fun. If you can't find a partner right now, or you'd rather be on your own there's no problem: make a playlist of your favorite music and just follow the rhythm.


The excitement of the first days will possibly wear off after a few sessions. We've all been there: the weather isn't great, you've had a hard day, the amazing results you expected from your fitness program take longer than planned and you have just so many things to do instead. Good will is awesome to get things started, but persistence is what actually takes you to your goals. To help you pass the bad days without giving up devise some tricks to force you into action. Something that works for me is establishing a never-two-consecutives rule: you're free to skip a training session if you have to, but you will never skip two consecutive workout sessions.


Another great idea is to go public and tell everyone about your fitness program. It will be harder to fail if all your friends and family know about your great fitness goals. You can also write a blog or join a fitness related forum and publish your results session after session. Keeping a log of your training sessions and results will boost your motivation. It's good to feel stronger and healthier, but it's amazing to compare it with your former self, to see what you have achieved so far and to know how much more you can achieve.

 Enjoy your new life!