Committing to physical fitness is really a crucial element of preparing your body for having a baby. It’s easy to get on board with the idea of doing exercises routinely, but actually accomplishing the exercise and sticking with a program for more than a few weeks is often another story. Making exercise part of your normal lifestyle and even putting it to your planner is a good first step. Exercise should be a priority in your daily life when preparing for having a baby and should be a non-negotiable activity.

If you come to feel like it is cutting in to your social time, make it social time! What does that mean? Invite a friend or your better half to exercise with you. Not only is it worthwhile for both of your bodies, but it creates time together away from technology and other potential distractions. Also, having another person to meet for a workout can help hold you accountable to sticking with your plan.

If exercise feels like a chore it might be worth reevaluating your program. Endurance sports activities like running and biking aren’t for everyone. Think about enrolling in an aerobics class or play a team sport if that is more your style. Exercise really should be entertaining and afterwards your body should feel tired, yet stimulated.

Play around with doing exercises at varied times of day and find what works best:

- If you enjoy spending time with friends and family in the evening (or indulging in some alone time), try exercising in the morning. If you have trouble waking up early, just increase your wake-up time fifteen minutes each day (and get in bed fifteen minutes earlier! ). Before you know it, getting up early will be a snap. Besides, it will eliminate the need for multiple showers each day, and will grant you a far greater energy boost when compared to your regular morning coffee.

- Any time you have access to a shower during the day time, try squeezing in a quick lunchtime workout then eat at your workplace later. The midday sweat session will certainly gear you up for a productive afternoon and your pre-baby body is going to thank you.

- Evenings are just good for exercise, too. Eat a light snack right after work (to stave off dinner hunger) and get to exercising right away. Many people find that if they sit down to chill out it can be difficult to get back up again. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you end exercising at least a few hours before bedtime so you don’t disturb your sleep.

Committing to exercise is really an significant component in creating your best pre-baby body, consequently insure that it is a priority whenever you choose to begin preparing for having a baby.