Armed with photos, album, and tools, you are ready to make your first page. Starting your scrapbooking project needs to be fun and enjoyable. Know what you want to accomplish and plan it out carefully before cropping any photos or affixing anything to the page.

Things You Will Need

Decorative scissors, sharp straight-edged scissors, glues, tapes and mounting corners that are labeled "acid-free", and "photo safe", Journaling pens (assorted rainbow of colors), album, decorative papers, and templates.

Step 1

Cropping your photos allows you to enhance the image by eliminating extraneous portions of the shot or by turning it into a unique shape. Create shaped photos by tracing around a template. Or create a silhouette by carefully cutting out the photo's subject and discarding the background. Before trimming, ask yourself if this portion of the photo adds interest, mood, or balance. Does it help date or place the subject? Taken out of context, can the image stand alone?

Step 2

Matting photos prior to mounting can help focus attention on the photos and add visual interest and balance to a page. Mat a cropped photo by adhering it to a piece of acid-free paper. Cover these with a template that is slightly larger than the photo. Trace around the template and cut. Or cut the mat freehand. For added dimension, make several layers of mats, each slightly larger than the previous one.

Step 3

Mounting, it is not terribly tricky to mount photos in your album. Double-sided tapes and liquid adhesives create a permanent bond. Photo corners are paper or plastic triangles that are applied to the album page- photos are then slipped into the triangles. This allows you to place and easily remove photos from the album. Photo corners come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, from plain to fancy.

Step 4

Journaling next to your photos, there is nothing more valuable than the information written about them. Who or what is that? Where are we? How long ago was this? These are the details that will disappear from memory over time if they are not included in your scrapbook. Some subjective comments are also effective. What is being celebrated? What are your feelings about the event? Or place the event in a context. Each page has its own personality and its own reason for being part of your book.
Make your scapbook unique and it will be enjoyed from generation to generation. Remember when you journal, it adds a voice as well as pertinent facts to your unique scrapbook memories.

Tips & Warnings

Always use acid-free and photo-safe scrapbooking materials.