Starting a Leaflet Delivery Business

Starting a leaflet delivery business can be a great way to earn a bit of money on the side. It has low start up costs, and is scaleable.

Finding Clients who might want Leaflets Delivered

A good way to start is to do a sweep of local businesses with a card with the details of your business and offer included. Always try and speak to someone with authority or your card my reach the bin instead of a potential client. To give the best chance of the local business choosing your service instead of another, you need to offer competitive rates and a trusted service. You are more likely to gain clients if you can be relied on to delivery what you have promised. If you have already done some drops in the past then maybe you could use testimonials, or maybe even fit trackers to your paper trolleys. This can be expensive and it is recommended that you wait until you have some sales in place before committing to this. Offering discounts for leaflets that are to be delivered with other leaflets is a good idea, as clients will appreciate the value in having their leaflets delivered separately (plus it will cost you more to deliver). Volume related discounts also work well.

Where to Start your Leaflet Delivery Business

The most profitable areas to deliver leaflets are those where there is a short walk between front doors of properties. This minimizes the delivery time and therefore maximises profits. Make sure you factor in the time to deliver to say, 1000 houses for your team, as this will help you work out how much you will pay your delivery team. A good way of recruiting a delivery team is to put eye catching advertisements up in the local post office window, or local shops. Make sure you include the rate of pay and the opportunity to work flexible hours. Your team should be self employed so simplify any tax issues. You can pay per house, but charge per leaflet, so by delivering many leaflets to each house you can make more profit per drop.

What to Watch Out For when Delivering Leaflets

Make sure you advise your team to watch out for properties with guard dogs or signs which specify that they would rather you didn't post advertisements through their letterbox.

Scaling your Business

Once you have your team set up and regular work coming in you should be running a profitable business, and if you provide a good service clients will come back with repeat jobs, and you may acquire new clients through recommendation from existing ones. The best way to increase your business's turnover from here is to increase the number of properties that you deliver to. Some of your existing clients could be interested in expanding their reach, or you might want to start canvassing for new custom in a new town, and repeat the process as before. If done efficiently, utilising as many existing resources as possible this will be an excellent way to increase profits. This process can be repeated over and over again.