If you have valuables or you want to stash some extra cash in the house, then hiding it in plain sight, has become quite popular. This makes it harder for an intruder to figure out where you keep your stash of cash, when it is hidden amongst your things in your house.

These are called diversion safes. You can purchase these in the form of hidden wall safes, hidden book safes, soup can diversion safes and more. These work well, but you can also make your own diversion safe for very little money.

If you would like to make your very own hidden in plain sight diversion safe, then a soup can is about the easiest to start with. Once you have mastered this, you can try other cans, such as soda cans.

Here is what you will need:

Soup can that can accommodate a small jar (vision the jar fitting inside the empty can including the screw on lid)

small jar with good fitting screw on lid

side cutting can opener (these cut on the outside of the lid rather than on top)

glue gun

plaster (to fill can up to bottom of jar if needed)


Take your soup can and turn it upside down (you will be cutting the bottom off of the soup can not the top). With your side cutting manual can opener cut the bottom off. Now dump the contents into a pan for lunch later!

Carefully clean out the can without getting the label wet. If you get the label wet, it will not look like a natural can on your pantry shelf, so try very hard to rinse the can out and dry it quickly.

The same with your little jar you are using. Make sure it is clean and dry.

Now take the lid (bottom of the soup can) and with your glue gun, glue the screw on cap of your jar into the center of this tin lid.

Now fill your can with some plaster, or other stuffing materials to add some weight and give the jar something to sit on, if your jar is shorter than the can. Once your jar is at the height of the can then you should now be able to screw on the top. Remember this is the bottom of your soup can.

Place your money or valuables in this little jar, screw on the lid, then turn the soup can over, and there you go! You very own instant diversion safe or soup can safe. By having the bottom of the can as the opening, it is well concealed, as an intruder may look for cans that have a disturbed top, if they look at the cans at all.

Now that your cash is stashed, go and heat up that soup for lunch!

If you have more cash you want to stash or more valuables, now you are armed with your side cutting can opener and your glue gun, you can try this with other cans as well. Just be careful if you try this with a soda can as the aluminum can cut you very easily, this is why I actually found the soup cans to be a bit tougher for these hidden safes.


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other great ideas to hide your things.

Remember you don't want to waste the contents of your cans, so plan to do this on a day when you are hungry!

Make sure and use cans of products that you would normally use, so that they don't stand out too much on the pantry shelf, and move them around a bit.

It can be handy to keep some cash at home for unexpected expenses, but leaving it in plain sight can be asking for trouble. By creating your very own diversion safes out of soup cans or even a book safe, you can keep a few dollars at home or keep your small valuable safe. Also see How to Make Secret Safes and Stash Cans and Diversion Safes - How to Make a Book Safe and Cheap Personal Safe - Using Name Brand Soup and Cheap Hidden Wall Safes for the Home for more ideas.